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You can now create your own online university

A new company allows you to create your own dormitory from whom you are the dean. Courses you create do not count for any credit, but you can easily create your own courses to teach others you know. I think that this kind of product changes the way most people are learning the little skills.

If you do not understand what that is, imagine being a programmer and you know the Java well. learn. Then you can register and create courses, then pick people to pick them up. Of course, soon there will be a kind of qualification system to see who the classes are better, but this is an extremely easy way to earn extra money.

This is endless, and if people want to understand that this kind of service is not like traditional university, then people really start using it. Stay at home with moms doing cooking classes or teaching a teacher how to replace a toilets. In addition, imagine the passive income you could create.

This service is expensive, for about $ 2,000, the company creates an online university for you in its entirety, design and all. This certainly only takes people who are looking for quick pride.

Since there are many new online college colleges around, thinking about how much work the online university needs to create []. Extremely easy?

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