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Why is the current education system wrong?

Let me start this article if I say some good things about the current education system. Can provide doctors with the best knowledge about disease and treatment; to create scientists who have the expertise to build the most powerful computers in the universe; create bureaucrats who know best about the state of public administration and create politicians who are better able to understand the problems of the people. It seems to be the best we are looking for and what is the problem with the current education system?

What seems to be the surface of our education system is that it has long-term perilous dangerous consequences. Now, if you think the same education system produces doctors who can not empathize with the suffering of the sufferers, they produce scientists who think people are no different from robots, they produce bureaucrats who are regularly circumventing the rules and rules that political leaders and producers do not have riots in the minds of men to influence their own interests, you can get an idea of ​​what is really bad. I think the problem attaches greater importance to our analytical skills and does not address the foundation of wisdom.

It's best to give it a holistic effect on a person. Then I think this is the most effective and most useful. It is far from achieving this goal and the short-sightedness affecting our education system is actually counterproductive and controversial. People leaving such a system are not equipped to handle real problems and create harmful and shallow solutions. In my opinion, the system is most likely to be replaced by something revolutionary, so it is a new reality in education.

What would be the new reality in education? It is a thing that will help a person to the higher reality perceived by the mind as the external reality that he perceives, because this is the most mental reality, be it in his career or personal life.

It requires the complacency to form a proper perspective of external events and not to unduly influence events in themselves. This ability differs from the analytical ability. In fact, I have the experience that those who are too analytic often do not tie chords with other people, often see things isolated in isolation and generally do less in life. However, if one of the finer mental aspects is well-developed, it is probably a good analytical thinker and can balance the mindset. The chances of keeping a career and a personal life are greater. I am convinced that we are able to prepare you for the development of such skills.

This topic of spiritual reality needs to reinforce what we learn in our school and dormitory, and it must be based on the fact that, for example, a law of physics or anatomy of an organization must be understood. Basically I say we have to ask, "why?" while asking the question "how?". It will surely strengthen our higher thinking arms and open our way to acquire holistic and defective knowledge. We can develop continuous solutions to our problems. We begin to see the relationships between things that we think are divorced and understand and appreciate reality. I'm sure he will do wonders for the development of personal skills, which in my opinion is one of the most advanced skills we have, though extremely desirable.

Education plays a very important role in shaping society's fate. It is indispensable to develop a well thought-out education system to create a society that is enlightened and free from the moment of expression and the contradictions that are now in their own right. It's time to work on such a foundation.

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