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Why is Nursing Education Important?

When talking about healthcare, we simply can not deny the importance of nurses. In the old days, a doctor and a nurse are used to treat all treatment procedures. Because medicine has made significant progress, and nursing education shows a valuable improvement, things have changed because of needs. At present, doctors and doctors assist doctors, there are registered nurses who are examining all aspects of patient care. Then we have skilled nurseries that provide the registered nurse-initiated tasks and supervise certified nursing assistants who help patients with the cleansing, nutrition and control of vital signs.

Because there are different aspects of nursing, this makes it clear that different trainings, different responsibilities will have different skills. The only reason for delivering care or strengthening the profession is to put more emphasis on patient care. There will be three different nurses for the wound dressing; injections, medicine, and then one for vital signs, feeding and mental support. One will review the rate of improvement by checking the symptoms, checking doses, and reporting to doctors.

Talking about nursing education, because responsibilities are different, such as education. Certified nursing assistants are trained to work in the hospital and can also visit the patients at their home. They care for long-term illness, physical disability, mental health, older people, and builders. The certified nurse assistant is responsible for providing mental support and assisting them in cleaning, bathing, changing clothes and cooking (following prescribed diet). Certified Nursing Assistant is responsible for the treatment of patients with lactation with physical disabilities and, if necessary, for recruiting patients.

A licensed nurse will take care of the injured, heal and the person with physical disabilities, as directed by the registered nurse of doctors. They examine the patient's blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, stain wounds, and injections, and help patients stand and walk by following all necessary procedures. Then collect blood samples and likewise a laboratory to perform some simple tests, clean and monitor medical devices. During their work, they also take care of the administrative work at the medical office, appoint them, perform church duties and preserve the patient's record.

A registered nurse is one of the supervisors, both the Licensed Practical Nurses and the nursing assistant. Nursing education is high for a registered nurse as you must complete a four year BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing, may have a registered nurse a degree and a 2 year Associate degree is the main responsibility of a registered nurse to supervise and perform nursing research activities.

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