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What are the ingredients in adult training?

Adult education broadly repeats further education later in life. This may include learning to be directly related to a new or ongoing career of an individual or studies that are completely independent of languages. By developing online learning, adult education becomes increasingly accessible, and although the overall process of teaching and learning is similar to children and adults, further factors can be observed that can affect their adult education.

One of the most common and most logical factors affecting adults more in education than children is the concept of accumulated knowledge. This can be seen to help speed the learning process, as it is often likely to have a prior knowledge of the subject being studied. Alternatively, habits of bad practice can be learned in adulthood, and the methods and processes learned in the curriculum that are now written are also difficult for some adult learners.

A study by CHIU Mo Chi in 1993, entitled The Study on Factors influencing Participation Participation in Adult Training Short Courses, provides further insight into the differences between adult education and child rearing. CHIU has found that there are many self-esteem issues with adult learners. Those who have a degree in education because of lack of scientific results are better suited to increasing their trust, "because the results of the efforts are more likely to be the pain of failure than a reward for a new job, a promotion, admiration for others, or a mistrust of the success of the learning task. "

However, recognizing this, others have also indicated that motivation can be an important aspect of achieving adult learners. Where students participate independently in adult education, they typically recognize what they want to learn and why it is important for them to continue – despite their difficulties. In addition, adult learners often know better and accept the financial and temporal consequences for learning later in life.

The Adult Literacy Education Wiki ( student perspective provides more information about adult learners. With regard to adult learning abilities, many students seem to find the most difficult problem to overcome fear. "I was a low reader, and I want you all to know that we are coming and getting help soon", in 2007 a student's wrist. "I think fear is what keeps many people back … everything is fine and life is good, but in our hearts we know that we are not at all right." The problems with people being embarrassed and recognizing the difficulties of other students are factors , which may affect adult learning. there is something else that adult training centers need to address today.

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