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USA – The Land of the Top Universities

The United States is one of the most popular places in higher education, many students dream of continuing their education. One of the best universities in the world can find your home in the United States, which is the primary reason why more and more foreign students are participating here each year for their higher education.

American universities play a very important role in bringing different people from different cultures from different parts of the world. It helps them to mix freely and promote the feeling of unity. This country is the world's largest producer of knowledge. 1.Harvard University: is located in Garden Street in Cambridge, the second in the world.

2.Stanford University: This university is located at Main Quad at Stanford. This is the first place to be among the best universities in the United States.

3. University of California: this university is located in Carlton, Berkeley. Take the third place.

4. University: This university is located in New Haven. According to United States News Universities, it occupies the third place.

5. Texas University: This university is located in Austin. Ninth place.

6. University of Michigan: This university is located in Ann Arbor. He occupies the sixth position.

7.Cornell University: This university is located in Ithaca. The seventh place.

8. Washington University: is located in Seattle WA. It occupies tenth place.

9. Illinois University: is located in West Illinois Street Urbana. It occupies the eleventh place.

10.Columbia University New York: is located in Broadway, New York. It is in fifteenth place.

11. University of Chicago: in the east of the 59th. located in Chicago. It's fourteen.

12.Dartmouth College: at McNutt Hall in Hanover. It occupies the eleventh place.

13.University: is located in Durham. He occupies the eighth place.

14.Princeton University: is located in New Jersey and occupies the first place.

15.Pennsylvania State University: is located in Pennsylvania and is ranked fifth.

These rankings are based on the Webometric ranking of Universes and the United States News Universe. At the same time, students must also provide their own research on these universities for more details. For more information, see instruction manual .

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