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University – history

Available courses focusing on theology of Teaching and Online Degrees where there is no need to meet the courses, today's universities are odd and diverse places like they were. But how have they changed over the years? And what traditions have remained?

The University of Constantinople is often considered by scientists as their first university. His major students in 425 are philosophy, rhetoric and law. Now, the Turkish capital of Istanbul is the home of several universities. The University of Istanbul is the oldest and continues to enjoy great prestige for the Faculty of Law and Political Science. The Beyazit Tower, the 85-meter high fire tower, also houses the Baroque history of the region.

The first university, the University of Oxford, was founded in 1167 that it had been lectures in the city in 1096. Oliver Cromwell was famous for his military and round head from 1650 to 1657 by the Chancellor of the Constitution. stopped the Puritans for closing the doors for religious reasons. Today, the universe has continued to gain a reputation in the highest ranked league rankings (according to The Times) and star clerics – including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, author Graham Greene, celebrity chef and always carnivorous Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

After the Industrial Revolution, universities became the focus of science and engineering at the end of the 20th century, the arrival of Politechnics. Staffordshire Poly is a good example that was founded in 1971 and now boasts sports such as football culture (where students can study David Beckham's rise) and the proportion of established psychological departments is one of the country's highest levels. This includes an impressive ex-RAF accommodation.

Today, of course, we also have the opportunity to get a degree without it. Online and distance learning courses are available with such prestigious institutions as Essex University. Lord Alderman Founded in 1959 by Charles Leatherland, the dream offers a tower that offers views of the surrounding area, which John Constable is a celebrated artist dedicated to the canvas. The facility boasts an impressive 30% international student body.

Today, there are many choices when choosing a traditional university or studying online. Although modern institutions are not necessarily architecturally inspirational to the University of Istanbul, the increasing range of available courses and the easier access of students mean that higher education seems more tempting than ever before.

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