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Universities with special dyslexic programs

Although many universities offer some sort of solution to dyslexia and other students with learning disabilities, very few people have full services and programs that cater to the individual needs of these students. But there are also three college colleges out of the pack.

Curry College Near Boston there is a program to promote learning (PAL). "language-based learning disability and / or primary diagnosis of ADHD, who have at least an average higher mental capacity." Started in 1970, this is one of the premier programs of its kind and has tremendous influence on the world. The congregation is based on the general personalized philosophy of the college where all students are unique and actively involved in creating their own curriculum. As the mission statement states, "PAL recognizes and respects each individual as a unique learner capable of continuous growth and success and success …" Each student asks how he can best gain knowledge of what he or she is getting to succeed, and what to do to achieve the success you deserve and deserve. "

Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio, for students with learning disabilities The center has three programs:

(1) the PLUS program, which "identifies individual and group learning strategies for students that are embedded within the content of the curriculum";

(2) the Learning Strategies and Resources Program (LSR), which provides workshops and tailor-made education for "all students who seek help or academic risk"; and

(3) a supplementary services program that provides students with documented learning disabilities with the accommodations they need, including testing.

Mitchell College In New London, Connecticut, there is an impressive Learning Resource Center for a "comprehensive, comprehensive academic support program for disabled learners and / or ADHDs." The center offers three levels of support: comprehensive support (level I), increased support (Level II) and eligibility support (Level III). I and II. Level charge, while third level is free.

These are, however, only three prominent examples for colleges that are specifically designed for dyslexic and other students with learning disabilities. When choosing a college, it is essential for dyslexic students to understand that some schools are better than others to meet their needs; this is an indispensable first step towards comfort and success

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