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UK University rankings – comparison

Which is the highest ranked university in the UK? How do universities perform? There is no official government ranking for universities in the UK. Times Newspaper, The Telegraph, BBC's Student Director, Independent University Guide, and The Guardian publish the rankings of some of the papers every year.

Oxford was ranked by Number One by The Independent and Guardian, surpassing Cambridge in 2008. Oxford followed the Guardian league table, Cambridge, the London Economic Faculty, Warwick, St Andrews, Imperial, University College London, the SOAS and Edinburg. .

in the United Kingdom ranking of individual universities in the order of merit, but based on different criteria. The Guardian focuses on the quality of teaching and students' attitudes. The Independent Good University Guide (currently the Full University Guide) uses nine qualitative measures: student satisfaction, research assessment, entry standards, student / personal ratio, library / computing expenses, expenditure expense, grade grading, graduate prospects and completion rates. All nine universities are valued by these nine quality factors. This is a highly acclaimed university guide; students often refer to ranking tables when choosing a university. There are 59 subject tables that are located within individual universities.

However, a university that is ranked high in the Times in other academic tutorials, such as the Sunday Times or the Guardian, may also appear in a bad situation. In 2008 there are big differences between the two famous university tutorials (Guardian and The Independent):

(1) The University of Dundee is ranked 17th in Guardian (The Top 20 University), but 52 is located in The Independent, even in the Top 50.

(2) The University of Bristol is ranked 31st in the Guardian (besides Top30) but The Independent, 19659002) (3) The Anglia Ruskin University is listed in 109 in The Independent, is in a higher position in the Guardian League.

(4) The Thames Valley University is Independent. [5] Durham University works very well in The Independent, ranked 6th, but in the Guardian (outside of Top 15) is ranked 16th.

(6) University of Abertay Dundee The Independent 68 was ranked but the Guardian is out of the Top 100 100.

Which leader is the best? In fact it depends on a number of factors.

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