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Is this a trend? Is this the latest fashion about how to do things? What are the tutorials? You probably heard of them, probably used them, but never thought of them.

Of course, exaggeratingly, we could say that another food recipe is present. In common languages, a tutorial is one that teaches you how to do something and explains every step of the process. In the educational sense, a teaching group is a class of few students, in which a teacher gives them special attention and information.

Do you have to remember at school that all those who meet other colleagues should have learned all kinds of things? Yes, it's tutorials. These may be groups of up to 20 students that complement the information in the classroom with the aim of obtaining better information.

But be serious, nowadays this kind of tutorial is quite fashionable. As we all live on the internet and in the communication age, we can easily talk about a new kind of training material. Yes, on the Internet. These are documents or software or any other media created for educational purposes for various tasks.

Tutorials have the following attributes:

  1. These are the content of content that typically contains one or more examples, divided into sections, chapters, and subsections, to enhance understanding and organization of content.
  2. We can say that the methods of review. They are intended to understand or facilitate the content of a particular section.
  3. Then we can state that they are a transition to other modules and are based on instructions and information already provided.

It's important to know that not all of the tutorials are the same. Information can be sorted in different ways. Or linear or branched.

Now skip to computer education. In this area, a tutorial is a program designed to help users learn the software product or other applications, operate the system interface, learn how to use programming tools, or use the game. Yes, there are some tutorials on games that teach you how to play. These are the tiny pieces of the game where someone tells you how to move, fight, drive, or play.

We can divide them into two types of educational material: movie tutorials and interactive tutorials. The first is the tutorials you are currently viewing, and the second is the ones that have the on-screen instructions.

Now I bet you know what guides are you, are not you?

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