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Travel to Education

Travel is the best form of education. As Francis Bacon said, "The journey is part of education in a younger form, and part of the experience of the elderly".

Travel is the means by which one can liberate himself from this trivial concern in the world. Which is not over. It allows him to survive his mechanical existence and be exposed to the wonders, excitement and novelty of the world.

If not the journey and the human inexplicable curiosity, then one would never have known the civilization of the continents. Columbus Christopher's desire to know what's in the Pacific Ocean in America; Vasco De Gamma's curiosity to find out what's at the other end brought him to India.

Last but not least, the joy and desire of Ibn Batuta travel to see the world that made it possible for the first medieval traveler to visit the land of all Muslim dominant times. It was the work and journey of the great explorers that we were aware of the existence of these places.

The journey teaches a man by matching the earthly reality of life. Expand people's prospects and clarify the difference between urban and suburban lifestyles. For example, if you are touring the coastline of America and then the Middle West, you would make a big difference between the two lifestyles.

Even in Pakistan, if someone goes to Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, he would be very shocked. Indeed, a contrast on the ground; but in an underdeveloped environment, they think that there is greater uncertainty in this area than in Karachi, but it is a completely wrong because these areas are safer than the big cities. Awesome, it is a fact! I would never have noticed if I had traveled; so now I think that travel is the best form of education. Apart from that, travel also provides first-hand information about people in different countries.

Even though technology and technology make television and the Internet very efficient, they still do believe in reality. He personally witnesses the venue, meets the people and eats local food, with his own charisma and most important lesson, sometimes with adventure.

However, some people believe that travel is a waste of time, not a way of education. They are drastically opposed to those who find inner peace, tranquility, relaxation, enjoyment, health and fitness while traveling. These people prefer to take part in their own hectic life as a break and sink into the majestic beauty of God's creation. For such people, Robert Louis Stevenson's statement really fits; "I travel to my side, not to go to anything else, just to go, to travel for the sake of traveling, the big deal is to move

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