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Top 5 on Education

The subject of the school has been a major theme of pop songs since Chuck Berry's pursuit – in 1957 he went through the Ring Ring Goes the Bell. However, it seems that the seventies have shown a certain golden age in which many musician fans call it. What makes these songs so memorable? And what about today's quality education deficiencies about teaching noughties?

5: Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll High School – Ramones. "I do not care about history, because this is not where I want to be!" Although not often Ramones is classical, the 1979 film of the same duration is proud of a singing when the band has spent a lot of time exploring new pop directions. It's odd that I've never seen a student circle in the GTO during my education and even beyond college.

4: When they kissed the teacher – ABBA. "He turned to me, tried to explain the laws of geometry and I could not help but I had to kiss the teacher!" This teacher and student relationship is this impressive and definitely un-pc release for the fourth quartet of the Swedish Quartet, Arrival. Besides the video recording of the orchestral history, the most annoying aspect of the song is the teacher's response to the love of Agnetha. Simply put: you like it.

3: Baggy pants – madness. "Everything I learned at school was how to bend it off not to break the rules." Yes, I know this song has been since 1980, but what is it? How can someone ignore this naughty celebration of school vandalism and nostalgic panics. Whatever happened in the box? And to be honest, he probably gets the ASBO to pull someone's hair. Be Young

2: Another brick in the wall – Pink Floyd. "We do not need education, we do not need control of thinking." Everything seems to be a bit grim and serious when Floyd intervenes. Still, Waters tuning and accompanying animation and film consider young people sentenced to death as a kind of story. The innocent kindness we get accustomed to is replaced by a strange, spooky chorus – and suddenly there is some reason to challenge education beyond the youthful needs of "kicking". [1]: School Out – Alice Cooper. "Well, we have no class, no principles, no intelligence, no word that rhymes." Here's a bit of postmodern detail about Cooper's acceptance that he has no rhyme. But he does not care. There is something forever delighted to leave school, and this is a tune to the trunk; it's funny that there were 24 and four albums in your career when this song was released!

I accept that there are countless people from this era. But how many can you call the last ten years? I do not expect many. And why? Well, it seems that at this time of home teaching and a more varied school curriculum, there is simply less to complain about today. For the sake of pop music, this may be a shame.

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