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Three disadvantages of classical learning

In a classroom environment, students sit passively while the teacher is present. This is because many teachers seem dissatisfied with this practice. Now I will limit myself to only three:

a. The center of the student is set in the wrong direction ; instead of writing notes, understanding and absorbing new concepts.

Result :

• Students are unable to capture the most important ideas and concepts,

. It puts too much emphasis on the presentation, with little time remaining to practice: Because a teacher needs to have a certain number of concepts within a limited time, most teaching activities are sufficient for the presentation stage. Practice remains for the student as a homework.

Result :

• This strategy does not allow students to experiment with new concepts. Their learning is stopped at a certain stage; ultimately suppress the concepts and they can not do anything effective except generic answers to the exam questions.

• Also, many students may get stuck when they set up home problems. This prevents their performance. If they are not able to master a concept and have been unable to exercise effectively, then we can not expect to understand the new concept based on the previous one.

c. Teacher's presentation is usually a size-each one. Not all students have the same pace of learning. While some students can comfortably follow the teacher's performance, most others need time to pass on the information they receive. Further, each student has a different learning style. You can not expect to handle the concept of a kinesthetic student by listening to a performance. If visual students get worse grades than hearing students, this does not mean that the former is slow or boring; it simply can mean that classroom strategies are designed exclusively for student students.

Result :

• This results in students being unable to keep up with the teachers. The world stereotypes them as "slow learners"

• Bad grades and departments in the classroom significantly contribute to poor self-image and lack of trust. In fact, many students are failing to achieve what they are able to achieve, the above factors can be attributed.

• This is not only a potential talent for mars but also a number of committed and diligent teachers. [19659004] The traditional state school system and classroom exercises are far from perfect. Our responsibility is on the shoulders of educators to look at the factors that disarm the current school system. Only then can we solve these problem areas to create a classroom. In the coming days, I will post more about these issues and offer them practical solutions.

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