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Three current trends in education

Although the way our education changes, the way of traditional education has not changed. Schools often use the same classroom format used in the last century and books are still an essential part of the education system and are based on rigid curricula.

This changes, and online education has an impact on these changes that are challenging in the traditional way. education.

first Home School Education

As more and more people are doing online in our everyday lives, our working methods change. The upswing in online education has begun, which is a challenge for traditional education.

Home-based training is becoming trendy in many countries, as education becomes more expensive and is often the focus of books and exams. And the Internet provides a lot of resources for families and communities to disappoint the current education system.

International exams are readily accessible to students who are learning at home and are often internationally recognized. They often have teachers or even material on their website for parents or community leaders who organize home schools

This freedom of choice and resources jeopardize the role of traditional schools that are often organized around yesterday's education. focusing on our children's future educational needs

. Self-Study

One of the skills our new generations learn from net users are self-learning techniques. These techniques question the role of the teacher, who often provides information through certain books.

Recognizing the results of self learning is not easy, but many examples of today's successful young entrepreneurs show that many of them learned more from the Web and learned from traditional dormitories.

Moreover, one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world has never gone to a traditional dormitory, which often proves the power of self-education.

IB schools recognize this self-directed learning tendency and relocate the educational base to an activity rather than an examination-based education and younger learners learn their independence because of this change

. Traditional Education Unsuccessful

Traditional schools and educational institutions often based their education on the fact that they create students who adapt to life as adults and teach the skills needed for the future.

Over 70% of graduates do not work in their studies and often need re-training in the real world. Another reality is that most people are unhappy in their work.

A successful education system in theory generates people who work in the field and contribute to society. The opposite is true, as only 30% of graduates work in the field they are examining, and only 20% of people are happy in their current work.

This could be the ultimate failure of the traditional education system, which is unhappy for retraining graduates and employees who did not like their work.

The traditional monopoly of the education system has never been bigger, with the on-line education being born. The inevitable movement of a practice-based learning approach can create students who enter the real world and are prepared to live up to the 21st century's future.

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