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There are many advantages at Yale University

Yale University is one of the most famous schools in the United States with a long service history and an alumni list that interprets "Who's Who" for Successful People.

Yale University is a European vision of intellectual freedom, aimed at serving the community and the country. He has championed history and survived the most destructive disasters as the American Revolution. Since then, the university has steadily grown and developed into the center of high-quality education recognized by the global community.

The University is one of the oldest colleges in the United States. It was founded in 1701 and is a proud member of the prestigious Ivy League.

Diploma and Non-Diploma Programs

Yale University is a gateway to higher education. Students can choose from the following areas:

1. Architecture

2. Art

3. Biomedical Science

4. British Studies

5. Comparative Literature

6. Computer Science and Psychology

7. Dermatology

8. Drama

9. European Studies

10. Electrical Engineering and Computing

11. Immunbiology

12. Latin American and Iberian Studies

The Yale .edu website contains a list of other major and minor courses.


Direct Entry is made at Yale University, where the interested applicant wishes to obtain a diploma directly at the college or at the school. Students are under the jurisdiction of Yale College, while graduate students must receive application forms either from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or from one of the various professional schools listed below:

School of Arts

· Architectural School [19659002] School of Public Health

School of Public Health

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

19659002] · School of Law

· Institute of Music

at Yale University is one of the best people in the nation's nation.

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