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The reigning mistake of Online College Degrees: A Dissertation on the Fall of Public Education

Defraudes the Webster Dictionary as a false belief in self or persons or objects that, despite the facts, remain one of the most widespread and least pernicious delusions that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th and 21st centuries. in the world, especially in the United States, is a highly misleading belief that cyber-based educational efforts will result in the same academic learning for a person as traditional classroom education. As it has been for decades now, there are now many well-groomed adolescent high school students who are largely unaware of freelance school education that they have to attend for 12 years in classrooms to acquire basic scientific knowledge and high school diploma. These young men are misled by men and women, accounting for about 67 percent of all public school students, and in most cases occupy only classroom places somewhere else in their mind, high school and high school, and barely reach secondary school for the minimum necessary for high school education degrees. The real sad fact is that American public schools to keep their neglected credibility in the vast majority of American youth are 67 percent of all public school students with about 70 percent of the pragmatically huge, disproportionate scientific faculties that it seems that most 18-year-olds young people from the ages are essentially qualified and ready to enter the workforce or participate in the dormitory. Still, these basically untrained, barely-known men and women are leaving the state high school, and now they end up in the military, high school or vocational school at three or more years, trading in commerce, living at home from their parents, or becoming streetbugs in the streets . Every year, thousands of fifteen-eighteen-year-olds run away on the street for five to ten years in the streets, many of whom turn to crime before they realize the time and the valuable free resources wasted through hostility and indolence.

Since 1995 around 1995, these poorly educated young adults aged eighteen and thirty years sought to avoid the need for hard work. got the big misfortune she could accomplish at home with over a thousand dollars for personal computers, which they could not achieve in the twelve years of free public education when they were offered as teenagers. What do I mean by that? Seventy years ago, most of the state's junior high school graduates were actually in an eleventh and twelfth grade and were prepared to go to a university or college and to do a real college-level job or go to a valuable trade. Appropriate child rearing in American homes (parents who helped and encouraged their children to succeed in public schools) were more burdened over the decades after 1950 as a privilege and responsibility for men and women who were fathers and mothers as more targets, men and women of very egoistic men and women basically remained alone in their homes to fight independently during their formal and adolescent years. As a result, public schools with a matriculation degree of more than eighteen years of age are not better than certificates with only 12 years of presence, while college graduates (AA and ASs) have failed to provide evidence of secondary school correction. This rehabilitation process only indicates that during the two years of study, students have compensated for the lack of high school education of community and minors in their high school years. It is therefore logical that traditional higher education degrees, which are university graduates in tertiary education, who come from the community and minors, hardly correspond to university graduates in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. we come to the center of the issue by getting BA, BS, MA, MS, and even PhD degrees from low – educated students coming from universities and universities offering full online online curricula,. What happens if uneducated men and women who are likely to graduate from ninth to tenth grade try to make a true university-level academic work five to ten years after leaving school? You now remember that a large portion of these individuals spent time in the US Army's eighth grade military recruitment courses, and these universities say that by enrolling in online training programs and paying the tuition fees, military courses and "lifestyle experiences" (meaning) that leads to a 120-hour matriculation certificate. In addition, most of these 25-35-year-old adults do so online university online lessons without an earlier junior dormitory repair study.

So, did you guess the mournful result of the big mistake? This millions of hard-earned students who are serious about embracing their computer age really believe that they can only use the internet and the web of colleges and universities to study the books and curricula of the internet without the presence of an instructor / teacher in order to learn the equivalent has taught four years of classroom teaching in traditional brick and mortar universities. In the 1950s, 1960s, and 70s, this correspondence / distance learning impact was not accepted by the regional accreditation committees in the college classroom education. Currently, 98 percent of online online college courses offered by most accredited universities and colleges are not interactive; ie they do not provide videoconferencing for the selected weekly training periods where each student is interconnected and allows students enrolled on the course to meet their classmates and the teacher / teacher on the computer screen during the learning period and interact with each other throughout the classroom. Compared to the tuition of American university students in the University of Maryland, which is about $ 500, the cost of an interactive online online course is $ 700, and the socratic method can not always be used by the instructor in the very expensive electronic interaction.

Most online university and postgraduate courses, however, are not interactive and there is no way for the student to communicate with an instructor or other classmates, the semester or course duration is done by e-mail, and this is considered by the most rational people effective communication is extremely impersonal and disadvantageous. Let's say that undergraduate students are living in South Carolina and have founded the University of Maryland University Online Degree. The student has a course and a curriculum for each course, a semester by post, and he or she can comfortably complete the tasks of the prescribed lessons. There are no oral lectures unless the instructor records them and allows students to access the other curricula using the "Blackboard" software. If this is the case, then the cost of the course will increase considerably. Well, do you believe it or not, the tutor can really live in another distant state, such as Minnesota, and a student might be unable to contact the instructor by e-mail for longer. Therefore, undergraduate students are essentially alone in most of the semester or quarter to study curricula alone and include non-proctored, open-label, multi-choice questionnaire tests in grades when the student's academic integrity is still in the 19 th and 20 th centuries During this century, this kind of learning was called a Lincoln effect, which Abraham Lincoln allegedly learned as a lawyer, and most universities and universities called poor ways to learn the average student. Lincoln himself learned and studied what he needed to be successful in his legitimate aspirations, and his success was due to the fact that he was a highly intelligent and intuitive person who could himself learn. the vast majority of state high school students are unable. Even today, a college or university "does" give a person the independence of learning independently and actually know and master college level curriculum before enrolling in a university and paying for the course. Then, even after a "very smart" person pays the costly poetry of the course and the professor allows the aspiring individual to take the course for a comprehensive final exam, the examination is usually not the regular final exam conducted by the classroom, but it has definitely become more difficult that it is specifically intended to avoid a very smart person passing through. Is this unfair and grossly inequitable? Yes, yes, because it is! The current educational system is astonishingly unfair to both the very intelligent and the very underdeveloped. The startling reality is that nearly all colleges and universities in the USA are much more concerned about more advanced learning than a profitable business than they should, the awesome responsibility for helping intuitive and intelligent men and women who are preparing for college-level work to achieve learning and research skills that must meet the new frontiers of natural and physical sciences, mathematics, humanities and literature. The sad fact is that graduation and graduate degrees are awarded each year for low-skilled men and women who have completed undergraduate and postgraduate online training programs that are by no means equivalent to undergraduate supervision of professions and trainers

This great the severe and disincentive effect of misguidance, which I have outlined in this paper, simply means that these men and women who have access to online pseudo-grades actually believe that they are taught, intuitive and intelligent as other men and women who have participated in traditional colleges and universities to reach university and graduate. It's like compare an online University of Phoenix graduation degree in economics at a B.A. graduated from the Texas University of Texas at Austin or any other traditionally accredited brick factory instructor. The two degrees are basically incomparable. However, most Americans aged 25-40, who in fact assumed that a rapid survey of university degrees through superficial and reduced online studies, is exactly the same as obtaining a four-year graduation diploma through continued classroom attendance, greatly contributed to the participation of the US republic education bankruptcy, a retribution for a nation of the Third World. In America, the world's 38th is educational achievement. Can you imagine that, from 1945 to 1970, the United States was among the first nations among the nation's population, education supremacy and scientific achievements?

As for the origin and development of the big mistake, the reader explains. How could this progressive and abnormal thinking on the basis of advanced learning be widespread in the second half of the 20th century due to a mere accident, or how could people be widely accepted as our educational aspirations through the visible effort of a great human being or woman? The two acclaimed explanations of historical events, the accident, and the "great man," are unlikely to explain the fine, publicly unnoticed events that occurred in the 19th century. From the end of the century to the XX. By the middle of the century, they deliberately caused a systematic change in American education. The explanation of the "accidental" and "great man" of the occurrence of history is unlikely to explain the sad and miserable events that humans have suffered since the beginning of recorded history. Sadly, the third accepted argument accepted by the contemporary historians accepted by the conspiracy is the most rational and reliable reason for the occurrence of subtle growing events that have combined together over the decades with an effect such as the great delusion of learning from the American methods. If careful scrutiny of the facts shows that men and women have conspired over a period of time to make a significant shift in the pre-eminent philosophy that underpins the basic foundations of public education, these facts are based on existing traditional and electronic media that the American public accepts or whimsically discounts from the same media and the public. Why should an objective and independent media save such strange facts from the public? A free and independent media would not be such a sacrifice, but a media bought and paid by huge and wealthy men and women who conspired to develop such a philosophy would be such. "[19659002] As Thomas Jefferson stated in 1805," I would rather be newspapers without government than a government without newspapers. "In fact, he wanted to say that he would rather publish a newspaper that, in the absence of government, would disclose facts and truth, as a government that refuses to allow the newspapers to publish the truth about the government's government's interests. US constitutionalists have worked together to create a state that would serve the people, not a government a state which is to be provided by the people, is a political philosophy of Hegelian "statism." A free-minded man, such as the American American population, who founded the United States of America in 1789, it is very concerned about it individual liberty. As Henry Ward Beecher concisely stated, "Freedom is the breath of the soul." This is quite well done by Thomas Jefferson in 1779 during the American Revolution. He said, "I swore on the altar of liberty, against the eternal hostility of man's mind against all tyranny." These immortal words are many of what he wrote, today's grace Jefferson Memorial in Washington. Everyone in the Constitutional Ward, who also signed the Declaration of Independence, realized that "as a man or woman thinks he or she is," and the perception of reality is the means by which the American people choose and what they are. That is why the constitutional creators wrote the preamble of the United States Constitution to express their express intention to give the first eleven words of the last twenty-three words of the preamble "to provide the blessing of freedom for ourselves and our offspring." The Preamble did not claim that the purpose of the US constitution "to establish truth, to ensure common protection and to promote general well-being". No, these concrete things were the means of achieving the ultimate goal of securing and ensuring the blessings of freedom. "Some may argue that the constitution of the Soviet Union has created a form of justice that provided a common defense to one form of general welfare of the Soviet people, but the Soviet people did not have the freedom to define their own destiny by following their own happiness, communist dictatorship does not provide personality to be governed by governments, but on the contrary, which directs people's minds and bodies. It is particularly strange that most federal and state politicians today do not consider the US constitution's preamble to be important to the Constitution, but in fact "statism, "the socialist fascist philosophy is that the nation of a nation state must be conditioned on state service, the new USA pragmatic social political ideology that rich ideologists take over in the New England states in the second half of the 19th century, I know this is a long way that from historical history to gather relevant and pertinent facts about the facts that have actually occurred, but historians, journalists and ordinary Americans are the journals, diaries, books writers who have indeed witnessed the establishment of these facts and articles of factual documentary evidence . Historical Research Five "W" and one "H" are questions and questions that lead to convincing questions: Who, What, Where, When and Why, and of course how the basis for historical research and answers is how and why there have been sad events: the rich American aristocratic people in the United States who, from the beginning of the republic, were not compared at all to human beings, the rank of American people who are democratically elected by a vote representing them in a two-chamber congress and laws on the laws that would affect and reduce the power and wealth of aristocrats.These ideological oligarchs, state and federal governments' shadow governments were super-rich who held the freedom and freedom from political resources less vigorous and they were richer. Thus, the collective, mysterious efforts of these shady oligarchs have come to regularly control the minds of the population in order to secure their wealth and strength. These wealthy, powerful and pragmatic people, though very few, knew very well that the vast majority of the United States' population, due to the proper teaching and intuition of the common rabble, are a great cross-section of Americans through the passage of laws that could enhance the common people's ability, in the end, through the industry and the spirit of entrepreneurship, to compete and ultimately bring down the ruling aristocratic power brokers; such as the common self-taught and vivid intuitive individuals such as Cyrus McCormick, Eli Whitney, Elias Howe, Thomas Edison, and Philo T. Farnsworth, the poor Idaho breeder who invented the television

the ten decades after the 19th century in the aftermath of the delicate and extremely damaging changes in American public education in Republican. For example, the ability of reading and understanding writing writers was considered by the esteemed Borders as a basis for public opinion and understanding of the state and federal government's current events in order to provide intelligent and informed voters. The basic methodology of teaching American youth began to be a phonetics that was considered by such editors as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams as the appropriate methodology for children and illiterate adults. They could read it, and Franklin, Jefferson and Adams used the traditional instrument to teach their own children how to read effectively and methodology was effectively applied to the first public schools in the US Revolution. The first public schools in the United States were in place and had nothing to do with the federal or state government. The parents of the children offered the teachers to teach reading skills in these original single-room schools for all ages and to learn the instruments to identify words used by vowels and consonants.

Yet another reading method was formed around 1813 by a man named Thomas H. Gallaudet. Gallaudet has created an "apparent" method of teaching deafblinds, as abnormal people have not heard rumor and are not familiar with normal use of the instrument. Then, in 1835, Horace Mann, a college-educated intellectual who himself learned to acquire aural reading, played an important role in the "reader of vision" reader, the "Mother's Base" in Massachusetts; But in 1843 Massachusetts was a very normal and sensible parent rejected the "apparent" method and the phonics were restored as the usual method of learning any standard primary reading in Massachusetts state how to read. Thomas Gallaudet, his child and grandchildren are also graduating from Yale University as Thomas Mann, and it was also a secret order that existed in Yale and still exists and blooms in the 21st century. That was the secret order of Skull and Bones. In fact, Horace Mann was the co-founder of skull and bones, and much more than a thought-provoking idea that Mann, who read the sound with the phonics, would have pushed it and pressed it to get the "looking" reading method originally abnormal deaf designed for mothers and adopted as a standard reading method for normal general-age children. In addition, false propaganda, which was set up around 1853 and around 1900, allegedly successfully used the "apparent" methodology, the influential Columbia Pedagogical College and the Lincoln School moved to the particular John Dewey-inspired education system that focused on learning , rather than the primary child based on subordinate units in organic society, instead of intelligent and intuitive individuals who could fully and effectively read. Dewey's supporters were ideal for Dewey's rapporteurs, as they were the primary key to learning the children's learning ability, as the Dewey system intentionally excluded one of the key steps in the learning process, which was ultimately the highlight of making informed voters, see "It seemed easy to learn to read, even though it is acknowledged that learning the necessary discipline of personal discipline and hard work [19659009] I therefore sincerely believe that a rational and reasonable American reading will obviously be able to test the "unusual" deafness called "invisible" abnormal "deaf nuts," all-encompassing "systematically used" public education districts in 1920 in each country in order to teach how to read children of elementary school age, which is not by chance either a wise long-term conspiracy by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, between 1900 and 1920, the leading educational "authorities" exclaimed by the newspapers, journals and radio as "progressive" are mainly men who are Yale They studied at the University and were members of Skull and Bones. For a conspiracy reason, the fundamental wisdom of the constitutional creators, the acceptance and preservation of the sound was devalued during this time, and most, that is, more than 70 percent believed the national voters to be the learned men of the twentieth century, standards based on truth. That is why today, which is the nation of devastated adults, is a sad consequence of a conspiracy that has worked its wickedness for more than 150 years to date. "Appearance" is still the most common methodology for teaching reading in a federation-approved "common-core" public education system. Although there are a number of private and parish schools that have continued teaching in the 20th and 21st centuries, these schools have very little secondary school diploma less than 10 per cent of all US children in the US. The majority of American children, more than 90 percent, are products from public schools and will continue to be.

In summary, a reasonable person clearly sees the development of inefficient educational standards in current education. Children of America. There are primary schools that do not teach basic reading, writing, and arithmetic to properly prepare children for their high school learning experiences, and dropouts in elementary school high school junior high school are not properly prepared for the last three or four years of high school. Consequently, the secondary school is indeed the restoration of the primary school, and in most of the secondary schools, the secondary school has been reinstated. Therefore, 98 percent of eighteen-eighty-year-old high school graduates do not receive the maturity certificates required for the proper completion of twelve-year education, but merely for gaining the twelve-year classroom experience and far less than the twelfth grade. In middle schools, most elderly people work in the 9th and 10th grades when they go to the stage. So here we are at the beginning of the time when men and women aged 25 and 35 and state-level education believe that online college and university education is "really" equivalent to classroom participation in brick and mortar colleges; and that they could not get the academic preparation in a classroom before a classroom, home, computer screen. This is and will continue to be the massive delusion that is the nationality of American educational supremacy.

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