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The purpose of education

Education – such as democracy, free markets, freedom of the press and "universal human rights" – is one of the subjects whose virtue is self-evident. So the advantage of industrialized countries is to reach them. Consequently, any package that arrives at one of these magical labels automatically enters the "green channel" of the incoming ports. No question. This unprecedented acceptance has seriously damaged the debate on all these vital topics. For example, most of our conversations in education are focused on literacy statistics and that there are so many graduates, masters, phd and many professionals – engineers, doctors, etc. in a given country. the industrialized countries. The core issue of the curriculum and even more the basic question of education does not usually attract attention; the "advanced" countries have already decided for us and our work is only to track their level of development

In the "first" world, education has become increasingly extensive in the capitalist system designed to provide skilled labor for its production equipment and consumer products; in a more polished form, the economic goal of education is economic recovery in the country, today the goal of education is to be able to earn a dignified life.

Acquiring retribution and securing the country's economic well-being is, of course, an important Islamic goal, combining education and financial goals is extremely unfortunate. Turning learning centers into mere professional centers in the midst of their minds and minds, breaks down education and through society

. we must remember that there is a fundamental difference between humans and animals. Instincts and physical needs alone are able to survive ants, bees or game stocks in a perfectly functioning animal society. People do not work that way. Nature does not force them to follow only those methods that are necessary for the harmonious functioning of their society. If they want to create a viable, prosperous society, they have to choose. This is the option of sharing common goals, beliefs, values ​​and perspectives. Without a single common framework that obliges its members, human society can not be resumed; then disintegrate and absorb other societies. Furthermore, society must ensure that the common area continues from generation to generation. This is the true purpose of education. The education system of society creates citizens and leaders that are necessary for the smooth functioning of society now and in the future. Your medical condition or illness directly affects the state of health or illness of the society you want to serve.

Today we find many internal problems: corruption, injustice, repression, miserable poverty – in the Muslim world. If you think about this, you can notice that most of these problems are caused by humans. This is another way of saying that they are largely traceable, directly or indirectly, to the education system that created the people who maintained the problems. The rulers who sell and subdue their people to foreign powers; the bureaucrats who enforce the law based on injustice; the generals who are waging war against their own people; business people who exploit and cheat; Journalists who are lying, sensing and promoting malice are all educated people, in many cases "highly trained". The purpose of education was to prepare them for their role in real life. And this happened in a very unexpected way

This problem damages all layers of society. Why are there Muslim communities that are so materialistic today? What can we expect when our entire education system proclaims the gospel of materialism? Why did we effectively determine Islam to an unusual quarter of our public life? Because it is exactly where our secular education system is. Why do we behave in our behavior so little about Islamic behavior and morality? Because our imported education system does not have all the moral training. Why are our societies sick? Because our education system is sick.

This is the real crisis of education. Before entering this clutter, with the import of colonial powers that was current and popular, education in our societies was always a means of nurturing human beings. Moral training, tarbiya, was always an inalienable part. The Ustaz (teacher) was not just a lecturer or a mere expert, but a mentor and a moral leader. We remembered the Hadith: "A father did not give a bigger gift to his children than a good moral training". [Tirmidhi]. This hadith informed our education system. Darul-ulooms still maintain this tradition, but the number of students passing through the gates is small compared to the secular schools.

In the United States and Europe schools have been launched by the Church. Later, when the forces of capitalism took them, they were shaped into their image. Moral training was the victim of the receipt. But capitalism and their political economy made it necessary for people to be trained under these systems. Thus, civic education was regarded as an important but decreasing element of the curriculum – as a non-religious subset of moral education. Whatever civilization is here, this is largely the result of the remaining component. However, the imported versions were still filtered out in the Muslim countries. And the Results Can Be Displayed

We can solve the problem if we recognize our mistakes. The primary purpose of our education system is to provide educated citizens and leaders for the Islamic society. Tarbiya must be an integral part of true Islamic moral training. This is the soul of our education, not solemn. Any plan for developing our education is completely useless unless it is based on the full understanding of this key fact. This requires the reworking of curricula, the rewriting of textbooks, the retraining of our teachers, and the recognition that we have to do everything we can. We have a rich history of doing it. Are we finally willing to turn our treasures into our own house to reform the education as it should have been?

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