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The Importance of Human Rights Education

Education facilitates driving but is difficult to drive;

is easy to steer, but it makes the slave impossible. … Henry Peter

The world is so beautiful. Human beings are the largest and most powerful animal in the world. The ability of the thing has become a great man in the world. Everyone has the right to live and to live right.

Now we live in the modern world. Human beings have evolved in all areas. But there are many differences between the countries of the world. Co-operation and co-ordination between these countries is needed. It is necessary and important for everyone to be educated in the world. It is very important to know what human rights are.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was drafted by the United Nations Human Rights Committee and then by the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, in the chair. 56 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly adopted the UDHR on 10 December 1948. We celebrate the 10th of December worldwide as a Day for International Human Rights. There are currently 188 member states in the UN

Everyone has the right to education … Education is aimed at the full development of human personality and the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. It supports understanding, tolerance and friendship between nations, racial or religious groups, and further strengthens United Nations peace-keeping activities.

The concept underpinning human rights education is that education is not only for skilled, professional workers, but also for contributing to the development of individuals who have the ability to communicate in society. Human Rights Education, targeting human rights in education, offers students and students the ability to accompany and transform social changes. Education can be considered as a way to increase their participation in decision-making processes leading to people's improvement, improving their quality of life and social, cultural and economic policies.

Human Rights Education can not be limited to the simple introduction of human rights content in already overloaded curricula. This will result in an in-depth reform of education, which involves the organization of service and preparatory curricula, textbooks, methodology, classroom management and the education system at all levels.

Human Rights Education Includes Learning and Human Rights Practice. A holistic approach to human rights education means that human rights are realized at all levels of the education system and are taught through both content and experience.

Human Rights Education helps people feel the importance of human rights, values ​​of human rights, and integrate them into their lifestyle. Human rights education also treats people as a sense of responsibility in respecting and protecting human rights and empowers them through the skills they know to take appropriate action.

Why Human Rights Education? Creates Value Changes and Attitudes

2. Creates Behavior Changes

3. It promotes social justice

4. Develops the Attitude of Solidarity between Issues and Nations

5. Advanced Skills and Analytical Skills 6. Make Participatory Education

So Human Rights Education For Everyone And Save The World

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