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The importance of higher education in developing countries

Without a doubt, education plays a key role in the development and development of any country. In a developing country, education gains more and more importance.

The income per capita income depends on whether the state of the economy is proportionate to the country's literacy rate. The economy of a country depends mainly on economic policy-makers who develop economic policies that play an effective role in the country's development. And the fact is that capable and competent economists will only be prepared if there is a reliable education system in the country. In addition, unsuccessful economic systems will have a negative impact on all other areas. Health, industry, agriculture, defense, etc. It's still weak.

First, he takes on the role of healthcare. Hospitals are the most suitable for the cruel. If the country's economy is weak, it would be difficult for the government or the private sector to set up more and more hospitals that are enough to satisfy the nation's healthcare. Obviously, a physically weak or weak nation does not play any role in the development of mother's land. Thus, education itself is dependent on education, in the sense that qualified and competing physicians can only be created if the country is developed and is an effective and viable education system. A weak education system means incompetent doctors who receive a medical and surgical degree through the back door. These doctors would be unable to deliver the disadvantaged humanity because they were unable to do so.

And of course, education invokes consciences and realizes that social injustices make a society viable. The illiterate or less educated society in different forms of corruption – bribery, job search, nepotism, etc. educated people realize that society can not reform unless these social injustices are eradicated by society. And this recognition is only and only in education.

Developing countries still need education to overcome these wickedness, as they are still among the developed countries. If society is to breed this evil, it will be extremely difficult for the country to make progress on the road to development.

Lawlessness hampers the process of development, as no one feels secure and education helps to come to lawlessness as educated people realize that the lawlessness from which most of the wicked ruins. Legality means that oppressors freely oppress the already miserable sections of society who do not know where to go and talk with them to get justice. In an unlawful society, the perpetrators always struggle with shock, which has disrupted smooth work in all areas, and the process of development has stopped. Education is a panacea that can wash this evil

Education also recognizes that a nation will only get out of the vicious cycle if hard work is held. If this recognition of the developing nation were to be, the members of the society would work hard to move the country forward, which will ultimately avoid the country from the vicious circle in which almost all developing countries are fleeing.

a country plays a very important role in development. Several industries are making more progress as more products are produced that meet not only the nation's own needs, but also can export to get foreign currency. Industry, in one way, depends on engineers and technicians as well as capable engineers can only be produced if the country has a good education system and standard. The country's infrastructure – presumably – plays a central role in progress. In this context, the roads are very important, as transport depends on these. Motorways connect the city with the other, where the roads in the agricultural and on the market are very important for commodities (where they are produced) on the market (where they are sold). Construction of roads depends on two main factors. The quality of the material used and the sincerity of the person working on the building

As education has understood that the contamination of such material does not produce a positive result, the item taught would in any event avoid this and engineers and other technical personnel would also strive hard to build the best ways to use all their expertise

Electronics and print media play a very important role in the country's development. An honest journalist would not write about the breakup of the country or the collapse of a nation-friendly system.

The agricultural sector is no less important, booming when educated people enter this area and accept the latest productivity of the land. The educated farmer would know what action should be taken when. They also keep the latest inventions of the agro-field. Thus education brings a green revolution in the developing country. This was a brief discussion of the above written matter, which essentially reads: — NO TRAINING IS NO DEVELOPMENT.

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