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The essence of education


Education is the only option as a generally accepted axiom that ignorance is a disease. If we assume that education is very expensive, then the cost of ignorance may be better imagined. The place inhabited by ignorant is not for the educated person. It seems to be on the island. You will need some people to listen to and listen to the truth before making any sense.

The simplest question is complicated by an ignorant person. If you suppose you persuade someone who can not make a choice, then there is something else that comes to you. Let the educated mind enter a place and state that "light is not visible, but it causes visibility". He will always persuade the educated ignorant to deduct this deduction in any sense from the concept of light. But the enlightened soul finally sees that God is easy. Light is invincible because God is invincible. This story is said to be a group of skilled ignorant children. An adult-educated mind who has assimilated this concept for a while and ends with a deduction is on an island. It would be better to split one of these children as quickly as possible. What do I think here?

Many skilled ignorance are buried in us if we prefer ignorance in education. The only obvious cure for ignorance is seeking enlightenment. The light will only open in darkness if there is an opening. In the darkness of ignorance, the ray of skilled light disappears, and it must be illuminated in the mind.


Education is secular or religious. Christianity, Islam or other religious beliefs abound. It's a free world, and it's our choice to do anything for as long as there is no crime. As long as we do not interfere with the freedom of the other person in the choice we are doing, we are free to do these things. As long as we make peace to the world, I think it's okay.

We know a lot when we come to our knowledge. Knowledge can be in science, art or humanity. Whichever space we are involved in is enough to take our lives. Knowledge is exhaustive


Take the sciences as a case study – physics, chemistry and biology – the basics of scientific research. The life of a hundred years is not enough for the genii of the three. The structure of the behavior of living and non-living things, their normal or defective form, made by human beings and other living things, is life-size activities.

In human sciences we are actively involved in man's ability to apply himself to different tasks. It covers both men and women. In the assigned roles, each gender will overlap. But there are pure men and others purely female roles.


Weaker sexual syndrome puts the woman in the background. But he says that what a man can do is a woman even better. In art, creativity is the essence of education. The arts expose inner minds. Art can serve as a writing, drawing or audiovisual display.

Here, too, the man and the woman strive to bring their creativity to the fore. He again takes a bigger part in recognition. Still the weaker sexual syndrome? In all areas of human endeavor, with a few exceptions, the women's struggle for recognition. Other interesting areas of human education are moral and gender. My interest in commenting on their impact on human development and the visible peaceful world. I think you have a profound psychological effect on these two. Behind the psychological behavior is home. A well-established home produces people with balanced psychological makeup

A moral person is sure to know the wrong from the right and easily retreat from the bad. Sex can be devastating because it has a role to play in reproducing. Sexual education is the taboo in most cultures. The consequences of the non-teaching of a girl child on sexuality are frightening, and the resultant ignorance is not always pleasant to the person, family, and society as a whole.

Women's sexuality and the consequences of inappropriate interpretations from companions, rather from home, are the same as questions of moral decadence and deprivation. Where a morally earthed home exists, their peers will not be sexually educated. No matter how complicated the material of the studies is that they are willing to overcome the knowledge that inspires learning. what I did, leads to further search for knowledge.


When trying to reach conclusions, I say that education is the only sure tool to eliminate ignorance. Informal or formal the human mind must be enlightened

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