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The educational triangle

The biggest problem in education today is that people do not see what this is about. Education is a TRIANGLE. Education works only when all sides of the triangle are in contact. If you divide one side of the triangle, it ends with a lot of lines that are NOT similar.

Exactly the same education. Parents should communicate with schools who need to communicate with students who have to turn their parents back to communicate with their children who need to communicate with teachers who need to communicate with the parents they need to communicate. should I continue? I think you got it!

A lot of time, kids education is like the three lines of the educational triangle separated from each other. The kids think the teacher sucks, so they do not talk to her; they think they're sucking, so they do not talk to you. In return, you do not know how to talk to your kids and blame yourself or school and no one wants the first step … And everyone will stay in the same formative, non-productive situation.

Parents, be the first to do the move to bring the Education Triangle back! Talk to and question and dispel the rebellious teenagers, communicate with them, even if they seem like monologues. They will thank you in the long term and will remember them in difficult times. Contact the teacher to see how things are going. Do not wait until the worst report of the century appears at home to send out an e-mail that blames the teachers. At the same time, send a friendly message to thank the teachers for their good work when your child is happy and doing well at school. It's always as good as you give. And encourage your children to communicate with their teachers.

Teachers do the same! Regular contact with parents, not just when something is wrong. Send some group emails about how satisfied you are with the classroom and do not forget to tell the kids.

Kids, do not assume you know everything and just go up to your teachers and ask what you need. Chat with them and meet them. Do not slip for better ratings, but it will not work, just be real with them, and you do not have any prejudices about what your big brother told you.

Of course, the course is the beginning … Probably a trapezium can develop when it adds school administration support, which is critical. This is a very tough balance between the support of teachers and parents, but it can be realized if the responsible people have enough integrity and belief in the education. Of course, the education that is best for CHILDREN. Not a few children but ALL children.

Let's try and do our best to work together. The future of the world is in education. Even though governments rarely make this a real priority, we, people, still have a say and duty to work. So, take action!

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