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The current education system in India

The word education is very well used these days; almost everyone has to say something. Schools – whether governments or private – are full of students. So the colleges. But despite the increasing educational desire, no one knows what the truth is. Does our work up to now have done something? If so, is it proportionate to the workforce and the money spent? Education alone is not a purpose but a tool that explains the different ways in which our lives can be and education of this type can in itself mean real education. I do not think anyone can really say that our school and our current education system produce this result. Education should contribute to making your own audio file. On the contrary, there are many examples of young people who have lost their character's good qualities in schools.

I think, as long as there is no agreement between the schools and the students' homes, they continue to suffer in both directions. What we learn at school and college is totally incompatible with home knowledge. School life is exactly the opposite of your home life.

Our parents ignore knowing what they teach at school; and they do not care. Studying the use of the lab is useless, merely for the sake of a final exam, and as soon as it is over, it is forgotten as quickly as possible. One of the most important issues of this problem is the educational medium. I think the bug is based on English broadcasting. In India, you need about 12 years to get your graduation certificate. But the knowledge and lessons learned over a long time are miserably inadequate! In addition, we do not strive to integrate this knowledge into our work.

The current education system has created the gap between us and our families. For our parents, our families, ours, and our society – we live most of our time – school education is like hidden wealth. So the current education system is bad?

In English-language education amid the students' burdens the brain doubled. Destroyed his imaginary power – the power of creation and invention. All the time we are dealing with acquiring language pronunciation and idiom.

We must start the process, just like in Russia, South Africa, and Japan. In some of these countries, some selected people have more English language skills, translates everything they can to their language – in a lighter form – and saves people from unnecessary work from English language learning.

The best education in native language education. When we learn through our own language, our relationships with people are different. Today we do not know our wives real partners. They have very little knowledge of what we are doing outside. Likewise, our parents have no idea what we are learning in school. Schooling does not see others, even our family members, because we can not tell them what they learn in English.

Our passing on passing exams depends. This causes great damage to people. Forget that a grade is only for those who want to go to government, but they will not build the lives of people for the few who seek government service. We see that people are able to look for money, even without having to go to government. When millions of almost illiterate people become intelligent and aware of them, there is no reason why the educated should not do the same. If the schoolmates just give up their fear, they can prove to be as capable as the illiterate ones. If this craft were to be involved, each private school could start and run according to our plan. No government can fully provide the education needed for people.

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