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The bond of education

I remember very early to my parents, teachers and friends who discuss this educational idea. What it is, but what is more important, how can I use it to further develop my life. I noticed that schooling goes to school, remembering what the teacher said, testing, and routinely repeating the next twelve years. The term "career opportunity" is not just a desire to be straightforward in high school but leading to a university. I hoped that I would eventually break away from the detention I thought was just the result of how a high school education could do in the eyes of the individual, but soon realized that college "liberal education" was nothing else. Liberal education has been designed to release individuals from bonds placed by society, but today's education is what holds these bonds.

I will never forget the first time I failed a test. It was five of my favorite teachers. I remember getting the test from zero at first, and I immediately covered the test so no one could see the signs of failure. The teacher had to see my shock because they told me to stay behind the class. She told me I did a 100, but I did not "put the test", which sent me to zero. Since then, I have developed what college students call "Test Disease". I worked on following instructions, structured, and never asked questions that might be wrong. I agreed with participating in school organizations, I was the president of my class, and I lived to fill the life insurance, which I would send to the possible colleges. I've done what the students expect. When I came to the dormitory, I was excited because I could finally learn the edge of standard tests. What I did not expect was to hear the words of professors, such as "do not worry, this will not be the test," or if you have to listen to thirty minutes of listening to the students, ask how many questions arise on the exam. The grammar school teachers have always told us that "the college will not be so, so enjoy it as long as you can", but everything was the same. Listen, take notes, remember, take a test, repeat it.

I began to realize that this was perhaps the purpose of education. A system that takes students with the idea that adapting to standardization and preventing the mind is our "successful". David Brooks discusses that college students are "goal-oriented … a tool for self-improvement, rebuilding and enrichment .. next step." Elementary, high school, high school and even universities are not "free in our minds" or we are actually educating ourselves, but the ladder of social order. Education can be referred to as Plato's cave allegory, "in their childhood they have their legs and neck bindings, so they are fixed and can not stand before them only because the bond rotates their head." This education system, spoken by parents, teachers, politicians, employers and even students, is not about creating the next glamor of the world, but it is about producing the world's next capital resource. Society held a liberal education and deceived it into the place where students fit into their workplace.

Everyone says that the college is the hardest in the first half of college. You're away from home, you meet new people and throw it into a whole new environment. I knew it would be tough, but I never thought the student would lower her dormitory carpet and beat seventy-eight days on a couple of tests. There was a "bad rating" back and forth in my mind, and I was thinking that I could never recover. What can I achieve without 4.0 GPA and four years in the Dean List? To make things worse, I got zero for homework. I believe that something should have been wrong, I came to the offices of my office, where he told me I did a great job, but I had to give me a zero on a small technical basis. From that point on, I realized that today's dormitory has nothing to do with liberal education. From that point on, all the tests I will follow and evaluate will no longer determine how I will learn. I decided that in order to get real liberal education, I had to abandon all the concepts I thought of education. In Plato's book, I reminded that "education is not what professions of some men claim" and when I decided to leave the "cave" for education I was grateful for the recognition that the bonds that society was so difficult was breaking to be close to me. Leo Strauss said that "liberal education boasts the experience of beautiful things" and that when an individual is truly free.

Sometimes I think where I would be, if my thinking is about education now when I got zero in the fifth grade. Could I have been in the air as a symbol of pride that shows how I refused to adapt to the institution, not to hide from my shameful friends, or did I do it all in the same way? True liberal education is the one that enables individuals to attain magnificence, admiration and modeling. So, when I hear a professor repeating the phrase: "Do not worry, it will not be on the test," one part of me is thinking whether they have been abandoned by helping to break the bonds that we are bound to.

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