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The American education system

The role of the education system in people's lives is to prepare them to be conscious and to think critically about individuals who do not passively accept the knowledge but question the knowledge they teach. Education must be taught to provide students with the skills and intelligence they need to understand the world and how the world works to survive. However, the American education system has created students who are sadly ignorant of the world and the different cultures. One of the reasons for this is that the current education system does not leave room for critical thinking but teaches individuals to be docile, bees working in the global economy, who are rich in the status quo and "others" hardly do it. The problem becomes apparent when we look at the different curricula and subjects they teach. There is no focus on academic learning and the only thing that matters is the high stakes testing. Schools in this country have been fuzzy with fuzzy curricula, which assume that through ongoing testing, students are getting ready to live in a new global society. . . whatever it is.

I recently talked to a colleague and we talked about African Americans being treated for forty years and fascinated by the fact that they were college graduates and an African American. From the moment I entered the dormitory, I would like to explore the history of African and African American history from a point of view that does not make them alcohol, and colleges offer this opportunity to the students. I could not think of what history and sociology classes he had taken; his conversation, nothing. But the sad truth is that when most people choose to take part in the dormitory, the goal is to gain economic benefits rather than to extend the individual's consciousness.

In order for the education system in this country to produce students who are not unclear about their history and the world around them, they need to be transformed in a variety of ways. Parental participation must be compulsory, just as the school attendance of students is compulsory for obtaining a diploma. The lack of involvement of parents largely contributes to the current lack of education system. Parents need to capture in their children how harmful the lack of education is to their future. Teachers are wonderful people who can take students from the top of Olimpia to the coldness and desert of Antarctica, but there are lessons but not parents. Many teachers spend a lot of time on child discipline and babysitting, two things that are not part of their job responsibilities. Teachers need to involve parents in order for the education system to work and education begin at home.

Funding for the education system should also be transformed. Public schools are traditionally financed by property taxes that result in very unequal distribution of educational opportunities. Rich people receive more support from local schools than those who do not. This situation directly affects the quality of education for children living in urban and poor rural areas. The No Child Left Behind Act only makes it worse due to the necessary testing and public disclosure of the results. When parents buy a new home they want to live in a school district with strong test scores. This increases property values ​​in these areas, meaning that only wealthy families can afford to live in the highest school districts. This means that more taxes are imposed on these areas, while lower-performing schools lose funding if they do not meet federal standards. An appropriate tax system should be developed for education, which is not based on the ownership of housing firms. Government funding is mostly allocated by the state and local governments to the various schools, and there are huge differences in funding. According to Joel Spring American Education there are more than $ 1,000 in the United States per race, large states such as New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania who refuse to finance the nation fairly (spring, 77). He.). Children can not suffer because of their economic background or ethnicity, and public education should not differentiate between rich and poor or black and white. All children attending public schools must have equal education. Equal funding provides teachers with the right resources to better educate students. The privatization of school choice and the public education system would not be a factor because, according to my plan, the US education system would be fully and equally funded and closely monitored by the federal government. Because of the influx of government into the education system, schools have changed dramatically because this is the biggest problem in most public schools: lack of money.

The curriculum of the education system would be altered to fit the nationwide melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. From elementary school to high school, students are bombarded with facts and numbers from rich white men as if women and other minorities did not exist or did not contribute to the American history in a worthy way. No wonder many students are emptying historical facts: they do not care about these facts because they can not refer to players in the story. The student must attend courses that will familiarize them with the world around them, courses that discuss the history of marginalized and oppressed individuals in this country and around the world. You should be compelled to read books that think about them, not just the process information for the next test. If more students understand the values ​​and cultures of people, unlike themselves, it would not be easy or even possible for the government to lie and use propaganda techniques to get the masses out of being all right and competent. Large-scale testing is terminated because most tests are designed by people who have no trace of the demographic, ethnic or economic background they are looking for, and these tests are biased against minorities and the poor. If students are examined, the extra tuition will be available to the students for the parents.

The relevant instructors, board members, and administrators also play an important role in transforming the education system. It is important for qualified officers and board members who know and enforce standards and guidelines. What are the system administrators rated? Are there any qualifications required? These are the questions that need to be answered. Just because someone has graduated does not make this person the best for work. Members of the board can not be because they are playing golf with the mayor; each board member must have a master degree in education or have an extensive social justice background. As far as teachers are concerned, the education system must ensure that the best teachers are selected for positions and often have to be evaluated. This would allow parents and the education system to find out what's wrong and what's needed to solve the problems. Public education needs teachers and members of the board who actually care about the children and their education, not the individuals who want the working conditions of the school system: the summers and holidays, the steady growth and the fat compensation package. American children are suffering from inadequacy of individuals affected by the education system.

The "Poverty Culture" theory, which has been used by many politicians to explain the differences in learning between different ethnicities, becomes a status quo's open attempt to "blame" the poverty of individuals if the education system has been reorganized to meet the needs of all students only for the rich. The huge educational gap between poor students and rich students does not occur because the poorer students have adapted to the poverty-stricken existence, but because they have no resources to succeed in school. If students need to deal with obsolete books, the lack of toilets, and the late 1980s, their brain drain options are sad and their chances of resigning from school.

In a fair and equitable society, the system I have been teaching has already been done decades ago, but it probably will not do more. In a hierarchical society like America, there will always be someone in the depths of the totem pole and the best way to be the most vulnerable: by misleading children. Neglecting the American education system jeopardizes the economic well-being of the whole nation. Without reducing the educational inequalities and the collective redeployment of its system, the rich gap between the rich and the poor will be further expanded and the United States will be notorious for the nation of underemployment. Spring, Joel. American Education (2006). New York: McGraw-Hill

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