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Teaching – The Seven Uniqueness of the Teaching profession

No one can do what he does?

Who can do what you do? The reason for lack of teaching is simply because few people can do what they can to do. The teaching profession is extremely unique. In some parts of the country, the shortage is affected by economics; other places are affected by geography and weather. Metropolitan cities usually have fewer questions about recruiting teachers than smaller, less populous sites. Nevertheless, the field of teaching is unique and the deficiencies prove that few have the call and the desire to do what more than 3.1 million public and private tutors are doing. Let's look at what is the reason why teaching is unique and why missing deficiencies across the country, especially on specific topics such as science, math and special education.

Teachers / Educators Offer Seven Methods:

Firstly, we have grounded the fact that teachers regard the education as a profession rather than work. Let's face it, teaching is a very complex and demanding career that requires teachers to be researchers of people's leaders, data analysts and best practice and educational methods – and these skills are used every day. In all the other professions that required the same unique qualifications, teachers would make considerably more money. There is no doubt that the salary of teachers needs to be re-examined and adjusted to reflect the uniqueness of the profession and provide a balanced scale for all teachers, whether in large cities, small towns or villages.

Secondly, teachers are unique because the profession now leads to so much data. Teachers now need to be statisticians and researchers who are in some form or way responsible for managing data in terms of evaluation, participation, maturity rate, discipline, and talented and special education. The administrative responsibility of the teacher has steadily increased, but the resources needed to manage the tasks are minimal. Demand for new data is needed and critical to improving results, but similar resources are needed to help teachers effectively and efficiently collect, examine and use data.

Third, teachers must be learning and behaving professionals and applying differentiated education. Differentiated education is a newly celebrated philosophy and a mandate for all teachers who require teachers to find effective teaching strategies that meet the needs of different learning style students in the same classroom. Teachers should therefore be competent and active in acquiring the unique resources and skills needed to satisfy kinesthetic, visual and auditory styles. In addition, the particular challenges of emotional behavior abnormalities, learning difficulties, and attention deficit problems, both in the same classroom, are widening the gap between teachers and executives. Today's teachers are practitioners, researchers and change agents; but none of these unique skills are recognized or rewarded.

Fourthly, with the same theme, teachers need to work with all children against the child's challenges. In almost every other business, management can absorb the wrong product or the poor worker to increase productivity and quality. Teachers do not have the same luxury. Instead, public education requires that every child have the resources and opportunities for success. This includes those students who really want to learn and become "good" products and for those students who stir up destruction and chaos at school by dealing with drugs deal with the gang or disrupted continuously

Teachers are required to handle every situation, provide alternatives to parents, and somehow effectively guide problematic students through the education process. And teachers are aware that they have to do this, regardless of social and economic situations, and in some cases, the lack of positive parenting counseling that may influence the student's behavior. What is the most frustrating, it recognizes that if these challenging students reject positive alternatives, they may be put to death, in jail or in hospital, or in a continuous poverty cycle. Nobody gets into teaching to celebrate life and potential potential loss. Teachers enter the business to change and enhance their lives – uniquely and individually, as needed.

Fifth, teachers are unique, as accountability in education has many levels and ties. This accountability is not necessarily a bad thing, but complemented the complexity of teaching. One or another method for teachers is concerned with the federal government, the state education department, the local school district and the public administration at school. What does this mean for teachers? This means that the results of classroom exercises go far beyond the classroom, the students, the parents and the general directors. I can not name a new career that represents as many variables and levels of accountability as public education. As a teacher-teacher, please note that your individual results in the classroom will give you data and data, and these results will be evaluated uniquely in the field of education. Successes or failures in the classroom, as the data reflects, will have an impact on your long life in the field of education.

Sixth, teachers are unique in that no other professional group deals with so many people and is responsible for individual development. Teachers can work up to a day or more than one hundred and eighty or more students and have to make sure that each student is scientifically competent. Young people are taught, taught, directed, nurtured, motivated, inspired and taught by young teachers from four to twenty, a cycle that goes back to high school maturity, according to the most favorable scenarios. You may be surprised to find that you know that kids spend more time at school than they are at home awake and that more adults are affected by schooling than in any other social circle. This makes the public school system the most powerful force for children – even more so than the church. Teaching is therefore a unique career that faces great responsibility and enormous responsibility – since real life depends on competent and professional adults. These demands are enormous and very few meet with them successfully. Finally, teaching is unique because it is the only profession in which the federal government has mandated absolute perfection. Specifically, the Childless Underlying Act requires every child – this is a 100 per cent level of proficiency in state-level evaluations. Legislation essentially obliges teachers to provide effective and rigorous instructions that hopefully provide the skills and information they need to ensure that their students are capable of writing to scribes and competent. However, the mandate to evaluate each student is largely unrealistic because of the unpredictable and predictable variables that prevent it from reaching such a goal. Yes, the goal is pious, but it's worth it. Expecting teaching teachers is justified. At the end of the day, we all know that students need to be able to think and apply their knowledge in real life. Finally, general and high school education is a training whose ultimate aim is to prepare young people for college, profession and the world of adults. But achieving an idealistic goal as outlined in No Child Left Behind has caused all-out stress that has caused pain and continues to hurt the teaching profession if it does not. Since this federal policy is supposedly expected by a number of educators to leave the profession – no scientist or researcher would ever have claimed that he achieved 100 percent accuracy in any research or experiment of variables. Even 99.9 percent recognize the effect of some variables, even if it is only 0.1 percent. Still, in the world of education, teachers need to live up to the unrealistic federal mandate and have to keep it or find a new business that can be extremely harmful in hundreds of districts in the country.

So yes, teaching is unique, and educators have to be versatile and more talented. I am strongly convinced that very few professions require the need for teachers in the public sector. The demands are not necessarily bad, but indicate the complex nature of the teaching profession. For those who have been cut off for this unique profession, many times they are of course qualified or highly trained and committed to success. And no, not everyone is cut to a career in the planet's most challenging occupation. Self-knowledge is also needed. And not the tired. No, not everyone can do what the teachers are doing. Join the movement – the teacher movement and make a difference.

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