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Symptoms of bad education

"… Waiting for Superman" is the best thing to turn all of our students into a steel man by providing them with the tools offered. On Building Better Students – critical success factors for learning. Hooray, there are some transformation tools, but somehow they got out of control and fixed on the system.

We always knew there were bad teachers – what was when we went to school. They will not read new books on this topic. In addition to other bad illness, poor teachers do not want to improve their ships. YOU NEED TO IMPROVE THE PICTURE!

Why do we leave the students out of the equation? Here are the symptoms of bad education:

  • Bad Test Results
  • Bad Attitude
  • Bad Participation
  • Bad Homework
  • Bad Capabilities for Copying Materials [19659006] abilities
  • Bad result (19659006) Bad mean cards
  • Bad, bad, bad (Many have left this list) Many students today are lazy, unwilling and totally irresponsible. Why is that so? The Ministry of Education blames television, gambling, bad parents and drug abuse for decades.

    Okay, maybe part of it, but what if they were to a great extent only symptoms of hopelessness, it was better and worse in school? What if the apathy is so great that PhD's writers say students are bad and schools are good? What if students feel the same hopelessness? True apathy, if not treated, is a mental illness.

    When something goes wrong, we seek answers – this is part of the ability of critical thinking. Just because you know the students, did you think your answers were always true to our mistakes? Are we able to take advantage of data from other sources to expand critical thinking capabilities and maybe have better ideas?

    Over the last thirty years, are we reporting on test results that we need renaissance in teaching methods? Have you ever thought that perhaps the problems we face today could begin when teachers were the students themselves? Look, I know it's hard to judge yourself – but did he have a bad teacher when he learned to teach?

    Why did we take so much trouble downloading the latest release of Microsoft Windows but did not download the latest release to help our student? Are we just here to deceive students, parents, and society in order to get it right? There is no solution in this.

    Do you remember the movie about Matrix? The part where the hero and heroine run to a rooftop helicopter and say you know how to fly? He says he does not yet, since he calls on the Operational Controller and downloads all the data that he can now fly in just a few moments. This concept needs to be slightly overlooked. The way to better schools and better students is paved with hard work and methods of teaching students – it will not happen within seconds.

    The student needs real action (now), and all cognitive psychology in the world will not make up for it – There will be no excellent teaching skills and great schools. The best students, sadly, are still not measured on a global scale.

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