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Some K-12 schools put less students in special education

In recent years, Long Island schools have placed fewer students in special education classes. Instead, some people with special needs, a Long Island student, have been trained to help them keep up with their school work.

School integration with students in Long Island

On the one side that targets Long Island schools to enter the normal bedroom, as far as possible, makes sense. If a student with special needs can take part with their peers, then the education council can save money. It does not matter what we want our children to participate in Long Island schools, only the dollar is available for education.

For too long, "different" children have kept away from the mainstream. Students in the regular education process did not have much opportunity to get to know or interact with them. Special education students were subject to speculation and / or laughter, simply because other students did not understand them; all they knew was that these kids were different. From that point on, there was nothing else.

Any measure that helps students in Long Island schools learns to tolerate others, just for good. People tend to suspect things (and people) that they do not understand. Over time, mediation can help reinvent the idea that there is no "we" and "what" in Long Island schools. Each student learns and learns from each other in the environment.

Long Island Schools Need to Make sure Students Do not Crack Through Cracks

It would be a little worse if you have to save some dollars to be students who have to be in other learning environments to do everything they can to deny work for special educational programs. It should not be too fast to segregate students against their counterparts or embark them on schools in Long Island Island.

Instead, we need to take the time and share the right resources to conduct a thorough investigation when the student has problems with schooling. Only by properly diagnosing the problem can a plan be implemented at Long Island schools to meet the needs of students.

Our children are our most valuable resources. If they do not receive the support they need to become effective learners, they will be in our lives. It would be much better for Long Island teachers and school directors to find out the needs and find the resources they can meet, whether in the regular classroom or as an alternative.

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