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Sexual education for minors

It was when I was a kid. We learned about sex in school, church, and of course in the neighborhood. Some kids had a little comic strip of hardcore pornographic illustrations. I can only talk about boys. She began to listen to the boys' sexual experience when I was in elementary school. Most of them were not true, but we wanted to hear them and inherit them.

We had a small number of experiences at girls, but boys are interested in her anatomy when they are very young, barely from nursery school and trying to reveal their interest, maybe she asks her to present her private parts.

Masturbation was common, only for boys. Group masturbation or "speed" races took place. There are occasional homosexual acts. Some boys began to have sexual intercourse early in their teenage years. These were called "bad children".

When app. I was 12 years old, my dad took me on a 20-mile hiking trail of birds and bees . He first talked about horror stories about masturbation. I did not really know what you were talking about. There was a big interest in black bears, old pits used to catch snakes, and the fact that my father knows all wild flowers by name. The most interesting thing is his bear coach, who was saving a black bear who only took one impetus. He knocked for a few days for more than a week.

Later a doctor was brought to the church to talk to boys about masturbation. Likewise, they all have a great interest in the subject. Once again I was one of the youngest boys and stuck in the giggles. So he did a few more boys. It was all new to us!

I also add that not all boys had masturbation, only most of them.

Some Boys Wet Dreams These were often said in detail. He dreamed of a boy dreaming where the ROTC instructor was actually a disguised woman. Thus, his admiration for the instructor and his sexual desire were satisfied with a slut.

Sex is "completely revealed" in high school and high school, but not in the classroom. We've been with the girls now and have played games like "Post Office". Often worth mentioning is the "Pony Express" game, which was said to be "Post Office a bit more riding around."

The "Spin the Bottle" or "Post Office" in the reward of a dark bedroom was a girl and received the kiss. I do not remember how the "Post Office" game was playing, but I remember that "Spin the Bottle" was a game when we were a little kid.

Some boys were now friends, not many of us.

So we got our education so. I remember a short moral lecture in high school, but that was it.

The fact that we have never been in-depth sexual education. 19659002] I do not believe in nature there is a code of conduct for sexuality. Other primates have their own ideas. Some are very small to prevent confrontation. Others are discreet, males are harshly guarding harem. This is the case with many other animal species.

Young animals are not always safe for adult males. If a female gets heat or an esophagus when her youth is killed, young people are in grave danger. Male lions are known for this behavior. The arguments that such critters learn is that they need to spread fast DNA or lose the chance for other looting men. I do not think you know those conversations. They just want sex. A Zulu leader once said that the dress led to promiscuity, not nudity. When everyone is naked, no one questions the anatomy of men and women. Some male children are very young and know their mother very well. But most children are less familiar with the opposite sex anatomy.

Because of television, children are now exposed to nakedness and sex. In fact, she does not see the woman's genitals when she is naked. Maybe you see some hairy hair, but nothing else. Television and movies have not shown the genital organs of men until recently. Well, now you see this.

I think the hard porn does not leave anything to the imagination. That's what stayed away. Well, when I was a kid, a friend of mine from the Navy, he showed me some pictures in the Philippines. These pictures tend to stick to the mind.

Part of the problem is that we make sex worse and is not natural than your nose. In some societies teenagers leave their whims, that is, if they did not kill the societies, they left the community and sex. Loyalty only comes after marriage. These societies are simply faced with the facts and have no problems. Babies come and at least come from the Moon Man in the Amazon. Heavy man!

In some societies, strangers need food, water, heat, shelter, and sex. They know they can share their wife as a guest. You have to travel north to see it, but it also exists in other societies. We call these "primitive societies".

Some northern climates seem to promote sexual neglect.

I believe that the majority of civilized communities are compulsory in school sexual education. Pregnancy abstinence is often promoted and works for many teenagers. The complaint here is that the focus is "too much" on condoms and preventing pregnancy, rather than on local moral issues.

Here is my opinion of what is worth:

I asked my wife when she taught our children about modesty. She said when they started dressing. In society we often judge people as they dress up. We can teach our children modesty and teach them about clothing and how it looks to others.

I asked him how he taught other questions about sex to our children. He said I taught the "hard stuff." I told him I did not remember that, but he said I did it. During our seven-day family gathering we learned, played and updated. On this basis I assume that I have taught the teachings of our Church. So maybe you can teach your kids at home. Let's go with them each week, teach them the lessons, have fun, have lunch and plan the weekly schedule so that everyone knows how the twins play in football practice and how Mary gets into the piano lesson. 19659002] I never taught any details about sex. We were taught to belong to mariaige, which is a compulsory force between couples and brings a child home.

Religion Organizations

If religions have youth groups, then it is a good place to teach children about ethics and moral behavior. In our congregation, young men and young women are often separated. This provides an opportunity for concrete teaching. One of the leaders taught that the boys had a "machine" in them, which occasionally brings wet dreams and leaves it. One said that masturbation is stupid. The boys do not masturbate, they are morally pure, so they can represent the Church throughout the world. I think sex topics are too early and often to be taught. In the first years they could teach the characteristics of anatomy and reproduction. As children are older, they can teach about sexually transmitted diseases such as those once taught by the military, dangers, threats and prevention. The old military movies showed terrible results due to gonorrhea and syphilis. They showed men fall off and a soldier caused his wife to get a blind child for gonorrhea. When I was in the army, thinking was changed and morality was replaced.

I believe that sexual norms can be taught, helping learners learn what they expect from society. Strength should be emphasized. Why? Because a person who has fallen before marriage is able to be unfaithful after marriage. This causes many sorrows, legal problems, financial problems and traumas for parents and children. But this, I understand, is not true in some New Guinea regions. Loyalty usually works there, even if there is unbelief before.

I believe that many misunderstandings and problems between newborns can be avoided. Men can be very naive about women, their needs, concerns, and anatomy. I know that over time things will come together, but it would be better if they learned these things sooner (19459003). There are still some newcomers who have not experienced sexual affairs.

Unfortunately, many adults are married for years who do not know what's going to happen. That's why we have so many sex clinics

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