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Here's good news for all dormitories and college knit pet dudes: pet-friendly colleges and universities are getting bigger. At present, there are still many student places that do not allow pets, but do not doubt it. If you simply can not bear the thought of leaving your home pet home for months in your home while you go to college, you need to find a pet friendly university or university. They are there.

About every college there is a policy of rejecting students for pets This is for many reasons. Pets are generally considered smelly, noisy and abusive or scratchy. Another major problem is that some students may be allergic. Furthermore, there is a possibility that if the novelty of the pet is worn out and the students take up their academic (and social) activities, neglect or leave their pets. This would not be advantageous for the other students, and certainly would not be beneficial for pet animals.

A very positive development is happening. Many authorities are beginning to realize that pets can be very useful. On the one hand, it is a great stress reliever. It seems that pet owners are generally happier and more relaxed than non-domestic pets. Using pets can be very useful for university students. It can help them cope with the stress of exams when this time arrives. Domestic pets can also reduce the initial feel of home stock at the beginning.

The Largest Pet Friendly Colleges and Universities

Most affected by the most friendly pet dwindles and universities of the pet, small reptiles. It looks pretty safe, is not it? Of course, lead dogs and other service animals are allowed. In recent years, however, many other colleges and universities allow certain animals on a pilot basis. This is good news for college students who prefer to go to the dormitory with pets.

Two large and well-known universities allow cats that have infected or spayed, namely MIT and UCLA. They also demand that the inoculation be kept up-to-date and that the animal is registered in the campus's office. Everyone on the floor needs to approve the cat before staying "" in order to avoid allergies. "

Eckered College has special" pets "where cats and dogs are allowed, though weighing less than £ 40, and all vaccinations must be kept up-to-date. Stephens College allows cats, dogs and rabbits in one of the halls , but only on the first floor, so the pet-friendly "places" are limited.

Vassar College has been pursuing a pet policy since 1971 and requires that at least 75% of the dormitories vote for domestic pets before the dormitory is "

CALTEC allows cats in dormitories and the State University. The University of Pennsylvania allows hamsters, birds and rabbits.

As you can see, many renowned dormitories and universities allow for the pet kept for more than a year is a necessity, so please ask if you have allowed pets at the university. You will be pleased to discover that you can take your favorite with you when the term begins.

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