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Scholarships for African Women 2012-2013

There are available scholarships for African women in study postgraduate and university programs. Some of these are specifically designed for women's scholarship programs. You may also apply for other international scholarships that are not of a gender type. The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage women to continue their studies in a number of areas of study.

Google Anita Borg Memorial for African, European and Middle Eastern Women

Google seeks out to encourage women from the international community to computing and technology through the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship offered in Africa, Europe and Middle East. The scholarship for female students and postgraduate students.

PEO International Peace Scholarship

The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund grants scholarships to selected women from other countries in the United States and Canada. P.E.O.

Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarship

The FRB allows young female scientists to enrich their academic background by acquiring HEC MBA in France. Women applying for a scholarship must come from an African country caused by a natural disaster, drought or famine.

Deutsche Bank Scholarships for Women at the London Business School

The Deutsche Bank Scholarships MBA and Masters in Finance are female students at AMOUNT between £ 20,000.

Scholarships for Developing Countries and African Women's Scholars

World Science for Women (TWOWS) has set up a scholarship program for Saharan African and Least Developed Countries (LDC) students from sources generated by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) , who wish to pursue postgraduate training in the south-south (developing) centers of excellence, is their own country.

Canon Collins Trust South Africa Scholarship Program

The Canon Collins Trust Awards Postgraduate Scholarships for South African Students Inc Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe – South – Learn in Africa. Trust offers a full scholarship for South African women under the Graça Machel Scholarship Program for women of rural origin.

Global Fund for Women Grants

The Global Women Fund supports women's groups that promote women's human rights as girls. The organization strengthens women's right-wing groups outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely support for $ 500 to $ 30,000 operational and program costs.

AAUW Scholarships and Grants for Women – Postgraduate Scholarships in the United States

American Association of the University Women (AAUW) Education Foundation grants and grants are available to women who are not Americans or permanent residents in the United States. Priority is given to students in developing countries, including African students

IFUW International Scholarships for Women's Scholarships and Grants

The International Women's Federation International provides a limited number of international scholarships and grants to female graduates for postgraduate research, study and training [19659002] Nestlé MBA Scholarships for Women in Developing Countries

Nestlé's Scholarships were initiated by a group of IMD-Switzerland MBA (Masters in Business Administration) who wish to encourage women to take MBA courses. Women from developing countries will benefit. Approved female candidates must demonstrate the financial need.

This is a good starting point. Read the more comprehensive list of African women's scholarships for 2012/2013 via the link below.

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