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Problems in Education

From early childhood, children grow up in an environment where subordinate everyday beliefs and ideologies lie. After experiencing a series of wars and conflicts one after the other, it is clear that there is a significant problem in child rearing. The state of the children takes place in two major management modes: home, school or religious institutions. It is through these ways that children are shaped into people. who in fact do not, contribute to the survival of the current world crisis in the future. The current world crisis affects us all and can be seen in the wars, conflicts and divisions of our time, all of which are the result of the lack of individual awareness and lack of integrated thinking.

Self-consciousness and integrated thinking only arise when the basic knowledge of me and the whole life is created through self-knowledge. Therefore, in the sense of education in the true sense, individuals have the means to understand themselves, because inside they gather the whole being. Current education, however, has emphasized the technique through collecting information from books, which is done in the pursuit of a future profession in order to obtain social and economic security in society. This type of education forces evapism into a form of form as it teaches individuals to deal with facts and make the technique important, which inevitably results in the sadness and passivity of the mind; However, like every escape, it inevitably causes confusion and causes misery. Nowadays, systems of education, children of teachers and authorities figure into the mentality, the importance of practicing technique, wherever they are in school where they are taught to acquire facts and information, or religious institutions where people usually follow the principles and beliefs. However, acquiring different skills, rules and facts can only lead us to chaos and suffering. Learning to read and write is necessary as well as learning the profession, but does technology allow us to understand life and problems? It is certainly a secondary one, and when we strive for technology, we are clearly condemning much larger and significant part of life.

School institutions inform children to become professionals in any field. Therefore, an individual occupies a certain area of ​​knowledge and therefore the area of ​​life as he becomes a professional; the problem with this however is how this was accomplished and the intentions. Excessive emphasis on technology has been given capacity, but without the understanding of life, these capabilities can only make the man cruel. The technique provided us with a kind of emotional and physical security that gives us a lively and aggressive independence. Teachers and institutes therefore strive to shape individuals into such people to incorporate their comments and desires. instead of recognizing "in fact" so the outcome is more important than the tool. However, what people can not see is the tool that determines the outcome. So now we begin to see how the past is planning for the future and how children are becoming the continuity of the past and the present. Thus, the current world crisis continues to exist.

Teachers and power figures guide these management systems through the means of discipline that provide the result that is more important to them than the tools. However, the fundamental problem of discipline is that it replaces love and is constantly used as a result of fear and personal predictions. Usually it is used in the name of a just goal, yet it obstructs freedom and freedom in the sense state, without discipline, without resistance. In addition, discipline is forced by the official data through "bonus and punishment", which further fears. Teachers gently put children with this concept, encouraging them to fear for the sake of the country, nationalism and patriotism, sharing people, fights in the name of God, or fights in the name of their family. Schools, parents and religious institutions contribute in a variety of ways, encouraging children to be of the highest quality and the best that enriches envy and competitiveness, which nourishes hostility and divisions. a moral man that covers the superiority and the greed – all in the desire of a reward. Now that consistent punishments that follow these ideas are scared, it is difficult enough for individuals not to ask why they follow them first, but then the person would not know better, their own conditioning and the final submission of "reality" to these beliefs.

Is it possible for parents and teachers to show the child how to bribe reward or love regardless of others? Because in this self-centered search the privilege is born and you can not be respectful to each other if you have a reward because the fear of punishment and bribery becomes more and more important than respect. How can a parent or teacher respect or even love a child if they bribe the individual with rewards and threaten them with punishment? Surely this only encourages fear and baldness. Again, these teachers and authorships do not know themselves better because they have grown up in this way to act for the sake of success; and as long as we do not realize that action from desire can exist, our fears, greed and envy that make up the ego will continue to be part of our reality.

All of this begins to contribute to the desire to escape through the wonderful ways of "or in the present, including the media, nutrition, religion, drugs or sex, all of which provide a form of temporary self-retention of the ego. they claim to love God and follow the beliefs and principles in order to be "good", but the motives of this process are self-centered and self-sustaining personal satisfaction. When an individual accuses God of being at odds, what are they doing , they project their fears and hopes into their ego, where they can satisfy their sorrow, God or Truth, far beyond thought and emotional demands, this is a place where the mind is still and self-conscious and the mind is still not a disciplined mind but a mind , which understands my function.

Therefore, it was found that ag children are conditioned by governmental systems, and this leads to lack of consciousness, self and desires for evasion, so you can ask what is the right kind of education? Appropriate education would help children understand the whole of life, not the "tunnel profession"; it would help individuals become integrated beings by understanding the problems and sufferings of the world in an unmistakable and intelligent approach. Young people in the spirit of inquiry would seek truth from the bigger picture – political, religious, personal and environmental, which would attach greater importance to young people, thereby creating hope for a better world. To make this happen once, parents and teachers themselves, they must first abandon the beliefs and ideologies they hold and integrate themselves and their lives; therefore, the right kind of education deals not only with the young but also with the older generation, which should not be over-absorbed in its own way. The basic point is that if a person really loves a child, love is essential to the process of integration; they will see that they have the right teachers who are able to provide the child with an integrated understanding of the world in which we live, as long as individuals with such awareness can not have the opportunity to create a better world in it.

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