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 Online PhD in UK Universities

University of London

For example, the University of London is one of the key places that does not require too strict a permanency. This university has created a great learning system with easy access to all who have limited time and can not afford to visit the university to follow their degree. This tradition is still pursued by many students who prefer to obtain an online PhD in UK universities. The University of London offers online PhD programs to as many as 157 countries. This is a well-established institution and a great way for individuals to follow through with pursuing their higher education.

Birkbeck College

Another University which offers distance PhD programs is Birkbeck College, which is part of the University of London. Birkbeck College has established its own as an educational institution for professionals who want to pursue their online PhD programs. Currently, Birkbeck is providing such online courses in at least 63 areas.

University of Wales

Another suggestion for individuals seeking an online PhD in UK universities is the University of Wales. This too provides online PhD programs through distance learning. You will be required to attend classes once a month or simply once a year. For example, you are living in America or Europe, it is possible to make prior arrangements with your supervisor to stay for a few weeks on university campus and for the rest of the time to live in your country. By following this method, there will be no need to pay high fees for real-estate living in the UK.

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds now offers a distance PhD program mainly in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. University of Leeds is considered a public educational institution. It is also known for its stronger in research.

The University of Manchester

This is considered to be one of the largest universities offering distance PhD programs. The main course offered is Business Administration. Students who wish to pursue an online PhD in UK universities should take into account Manchester University. Currently, students pursuing an online PhD program are eligible for scholarships provided by the university as part of their distance learning development. If a candidate is accepted on a scholarship, they will initially complete a research independently and assisted by a superior.

If individuals are interested in following this program, keep in mind that online enrollments take place in October. This is a four year program. If the candidate's first language is not English, it is essential that you score 7 in your IELTS exam.

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