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Online Education – Self-Assessment

When considering online learning courses, it is advisable to self-assess your goals, current skills, and specifically your acquired knowledge. After completing the self-assessment, you can go to the course selection. So where are you going? At the beginning of the course, this and the next article take over the self-assessment process, course selection, and other things that you need to take into account when developing the online education program.

Goals and Goals

While you do not need to be self-learning or choose a course for a course, think about goals if you have a wide range of subjects (eg Personal Development, Personal Desktop, Small Business, Web Design, IT Certification). Both short and long term goals need to be pursued, because any long-term pursuit, short-term goals will motivate you to achieve your long-term goals. For example, you are planning to launch a new business, the first few courses (eg Managing Your Business, Increasing Financing) and a longer-term goal (for example, Starting a Business with xx / xx / xxxx). Well-designed goals and goals not only motivate, but keep track of and increase the chances of success.

Current Skills

Assessing your current skills is important both in terms of goals and goals, and in terms of course selection. It's important to be honest. First, identify the advanced skills. Although you are likely to learn more, you can rely on your current skills to achieve your ultimate goal. For example, if you start a new business, if you have good marketing knowledge, you would not actually have any advertising or marketing courses. You should focus on the skills you need or your basic knowledge to know more about reaching the goal. It may be very basic to choose the type of business or to develop skills in office management or business management. Now review your goals and goals again to ensure both are in sync.


While on-line education is very economical, estimate the cost of choosing your course and the time frame you expect. Does the cost match your expected amount of money? If not, consider lowering your list or filling out the timeline. Do not reduce your list to a point where you do not get enough skills to reach your goal.

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