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Objectives and objectives of physical education

The purpose of physical education – The ultimate goal or direction is mentioned as a goal, he points out. The end is over. To achieve this goal some certain goals.

The goal of physical education is as well as general education, the development of human personality in well-designed activities programs. In a sense, physical education is aimed at the development of the personality of the development of individual or healthy human personality, and includes physical, mental, social, emotional and moral considerations so that the individual is a good citizen capable of contributing to the nation's own way. Thus, physical education leads to individual physical fit, spiritually alertness, emotionally balanced, socially-adjusted, morally true and spiritual ascension.

The goals of physical education – Goals are to be considered towards the goal. They are the concrete and accurate tools that are used to accomplish this goal. At the moment of reaching this goal, one of the goals of action is to continue the goal.

The three purposes of physical education are the following:

1. The purpose of physical fitness – Refers to a state where an individual is expressed in terms of persistence, speed, strength, Physical fitness is essential to lead a happy, powerful, and abundant life. The Goal of Social Efficiency – Affects the proper adaptation to the individual. Physical education activities provide a wealth of opportunities to develop features such as cooperation, respect for others, loyalty, sportiness, self-confidence, and so on. All these qualities help people to become a good citizen of her

. The purpose of culture – Its aim is to understand and recognize its own local environment as well as to the global environment. By participating in various physical education activities, such as dance, sports and games, you can fully understand history, culture, traditions, religious practices, and related aesthetic values ​​

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