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Multimedia and hardware education

Multimedia Studies is an interdisciplinary field of science today that focuses on the technologies and cultural dimensions of interconnecting traditional media sources and newer versions. Its objectives can be better explained when the term of communication blends with the visual part or the concept of communication design. This is because communication is a necessity and a practice of interaction with people around us, so that we can place ourselves in the world and in a widespread socio-cultural reality, design is a science that brings a plan or norm create criteria, or habits, create an object, system or measurable human interaction in business and society as a whole. In a complex digital environment around us, such planning can be applied to any transaction that is possible between the individual and the environment and is an effective tool to reach the target audience. This is a learning that attracts, inspires, creates desires, and motivates people to respond to messages with the aim of influencing the initiator or even branding, selling or general humanitarian goals

Communication and co-operation design is a modern, system-based approach, design and information development, with mixed media discipline, such as printed, developed, electronic media, or lectures about communicating with people. Thus, the multimedia research process involves extensive visual communication in creative industries, including editing, typography, illustration, web design, animation, advertising, visual identity design, performing arts, text writing, and professional writing skills. Students of this river learn how to create visual messages and to what extent they can radiate the world in a new and meaningful way. Students will learn how to combine communication with art and technology across disciplines, how to design web pages, video games, animation, motion pictures, and more. The various media we receive messages about advertising, graphic design, industrial design, information architecture, marketing, technical writing and so on, illustrators, graphic designers, web designers, advertisers, animators, or even printers and conceptual artists.

In Bengalia, "Brainware University" is a kind of highly-employment-oriented, full-time student and postgraduate training course in multimedia studies, enabling the generation of students to mix their imaginative thinking and creative skills with solar technology for mass and media to meet growing needs from multiple aspects

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