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Maslow's hierarchy of needs and a child's education

Imagine the family drifting into the desert because of a war situation. What do you think will be the main thing in their minds? Finding food and water and providing adequate shelter, basic survival needs will be the most important and protect yourself from enemy forces. With that in mind, let's look at Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Abraham Maslow was a great supporter of giving human impetus to studying psychology. He also based most of his theories on motivation and education based on studying healthy individuals who admire their humanity and genius worldwide, such as Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt. The hierarchy of Maslow's needs identified the various needs human beings in society need to make full use of their potential. His theory needs careful study of all educators, social workers and human resources personnel and is of great significance. His theory expressed in hierarchy; but at the same time it can be studied in parallel, because all the needs are equally important to lead a healthy life of life.

The following is a brief summary of Maslow's hierarchy of needs with the child in mind:

1. Physiological Needs: Everyone's basic necessity is to provide adequate nutrition and water to make their mind and body work optimally. A hungry or dehydrated child can not concentrate or participate in school activities and the right level of energy needed. States such as Tamil Nadu in India offer secondary school meals for poor pupils who meet this basic requirement and literacy level. Physiological needs include pure air and adequate rest / sleep

. Security Requirements: People must be safe and free from tension and anxiety. In a war scenario or a site that has been infected with a crime, security needs are not met. A child who is living in a war zone or exposed to any crime will be disturbed and unable to concentrate properly on learning. Modern educational institutions go a long way to create a safe and good place for learning. Strong and responsible police presence, as well as an effective justice system, ensure people's security and carefree lives.

3rd Love and love demand: Relationships between people, including family, friends, and peers who are full of love, respect, and care, and enable students to learn and participate with deep experience and participation . School learning should be in the atmosphere of love and respect, not fear, which can be detrimental to a vulnerable and sensitive child. Respectful needs: Another very important need that creates a human being and ensures that the child feels the fullest possible. Every child must become affectionate and be more important for their uniqueness. Estimation requires motivation and motivation. Recognizing the child, his unique contribution to every endeavor, is a long way to meeting the needs of appreciation

5. Self-realization: Self-realization is a requirement that can only be met if all other needs are met. This is the attainment of the full potential of a human being at a given time. Self-realized individuals go beyond their own existence and think in the whole of humanity. They engage in activities that serve a great deal of mankind and are concerned with the improvement of society and the maintenance of prosperity, peace and justice in a creative and innovative way. Very balanced individuals with deep integrity and no manipulation. The primary purpose of education is to educate children in self-actualized individuals.

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