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Lack of education contributes to crime

As more and more low-income families move to neighborhoods that once belong to the middle or upper class, they must look for their own personal security and report offenses around their neighborhood. There is a crime everywhere in these neighborhoods where children find too much time in their hands after school hours or after school years.

What Contributes to Crime in Such Places? Only the lack of money for low-income families? Sometimes the crime is attributable to the lack of education of the perpetrator or their families.

It is a statistical fact that the rate of offense is inversely proportional to the severely educated level. Children who grow up in families who do not emphasize the importance of getting education are more likely to live in the streets, end up with drugs, gangs, or prison

. in similar circumstances when they were young. Nothing changed. Education should be primary in the parents' mind when they raise their children. In fact, the key to poverty is education. As the old saying goes: "Exiting the exit with a book and not a basketball".

Children who do not have the right qualifications are more likely to have difficulty finding a job or staying in trouble in the law. There are often family problems that cause loss of parents in a young age due to death or imprisonment

Children from single parent homes pose a risk to a "vulnerable" child. This is due to the fact that the parent has to strive to provide food and shelter to the child, and the lack of the other parent does not provide leadership and guidance for the growing mind. The parent who is being imprisoned will certainly not be there who directs the child to get good school grades.

What message does the child send to the imprisoned parent? Are you okay, stupid and stupid, and end up in prison like your dad? The apple does not fall far from the tree. Right? Is it okay to skip the school and join a band like their father?

The truth is, children leaving school are facing difficulties in their lives when they grow old. Lack of education means the lack of money to support the family. The lack of money is the robbery of a bank or a grocery store.

Every day we hear about the robbery in our city or elsewhere. Or maybe the shootings of innocent life by the perpetrator suddenly stopped.

What are the kids doing these days? How can we prevent our own children from becoming disgruntled children? One, the parent must play a good role and emphasize the importance of good education. This means that parents need to play an active role in educating children, watching what kind of television the child should watch and gaining the knowledge of the child's associate friends. Furthermore, this means that communication with teachers is continued at school and is regularly reviewed.

A child with poor performance can signal a bad sign in school. Maybe she does not like school because of external influences; that is, intimidation, difficult teachers, the advice of other students or the pressure of their peers.

It is better to get the child's problem as soon as possible before we get to the point that the child disappears from school or, worse, the frustration that is reflected in another Virginia Tech-like massacre.

A child should love her studies and have an interest in her school work. It must be taught that good quality will help her get good education in order to earn a well-paid job and become a productive member of society after graduates.

Teach your child that gangs, violence, drugs and / or blackmail will not be anywhere else than in jail. If a person ends up in prison, he does not have a second chance. He has no freedom. No TV, no video game, no music, nothing! Not even a chance to learn behind a grid. If there is a school jail, education is very limited.

If you are raising a child, ask your children what is happening in school if it causes academic difficulties. Get quality time with it. Help them do their homework if possible. Do not forget that you are not just your friend, you are their parents. You are the first model that the child sees at the infancy. So be good and teach him what is right for school stay.

It's a story a few years ago in Austin, Texas. A careless 17-year-old kid, Manuel Cortez, was a high school dropout who was stolen by a car on a day afternoon with his friends and picked up another student, Christopher Brisenot, whom he did not know because he was supposed to be a brother to Briseno Manuel's friend. Manuel Cortez is now in jail because of a stupid decision. Now the victims and the perpetrator's families suffer two losses from society. Why everything? Because Mr. Cortez decided to leave school and associate with gangs and / or violence? Did you decide to give up the opportunity for education to break the gang? Or did not have the proper support and guidance from your parents?

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