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K-12 Educational Trends

One of the tendencies in recent years was that students had introduced classroom rules and consequences. The assumption that the students will help in setting up a classroom environment to assist in the selection of rules, rewards and consequences. If students are interested in preparing the process, they are thought to be more likely to adhere to the set parameters. This is a great idea to use K-12 in any classroom. Students can enjoy their say in education and this is an easy way for the teacher to provide some flexibility and decision-making. An important factor is that while the teacher asks students for a request, he ultimately leads the students to the most important concepts. All in all, students know what to involve, and the consequences are usually tougher than the instructor has been from the beginning.

Another k-12 education trend involves using student publications for tracking student work. With the time span required, many districts have disappeared and allowed individual teachers to decide whether student ports are worth the time and energy. The idea is to gather student work annually and use it for students who reflect and learn about their growth. Many districts have asked that ports are proof of learning at the conferences of parent teachers. In many cases there were no specific parameters in the ports, so complexity and attractiveness were greatly varied between the teacher and the teacher.

While k-12 education trends are going and going, it is important for districts to recognize that teachers have a unique teaching style, as every student has a different learning style. Not all trends are "spoken" to all teachers; so at the very beginning of the year the new idea has fallen down, it will not work across the whole district. It may well be a phenomenal tip that works wonderfully in some of the staff, but maybe not so well for others. Perhaps the beginning of the school year meeting should be a new beginning to enable teachers to address the latest trends and to think about what will be the educational methods to develop a toolbox for effective strategies. Only class teachers will be ready to show others how great they are!

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