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Job Training Not Teaching – Job Experience vs. Formal Education

Most of the paid jobs require college degree either in Bachelor or Master's degree. Most work that pays over the minimum wage requires that you have an absolute minimum secondary school diploma. However, in some areas, experience is much higher than education. In this article I discuss both the experience and the value of formal education. I am going through the highest paying positions that do not require a degree and typically appreciate the experience much more than a college degree.

Before discussing the merits of education and work experience, I would like to ask you the highest possible degree to get a GED (high school diploma) if you do not already have it. Even if you work from a grassroots company, this is what you will be looking for if they think they're promoting. You can create virtual virtual lessons online, which is about $ 300 for the test. If you can not afford it, there are dozens of state programs around the country that provide financial support to promote reading and writing. Make Google "GED Financial Aid Your_State" and find out what's available in your state. According to the latest survey conducted by, a vast majority of respondents felt that work experience was more important to them than to promote their careers than education. They do not even notice it, even if they rely heavily on statistical data, but this poll does not mention that education plays a primary role in leasing. Education should be considered as a starting point, the "seed" if you want, while experience is the water needed for sunlight and water, which will grow and develop. Without education there would be no seeds and therefore no growth. This analogy is true of most caregivers, but some works do not consider it highly valued formal education. Fortunately, there are actually dozens of jobs that are as good or better than many-degree jobs. These jobs attach greater emphasis and importance to real-world work experience, as traditional classroom education shows little or no value here.

5th Postal Service Secretary . He has been working for the post since he has been a well-paid and very secure career for decades. It is one of the few jobs that still offer a retirement program that continues to pay a percentage of normal wages after retirement. With this job, you can earn up to $ 51,670 in earnings without university degree or higher education.

4th Real Estate Sales Agents. If you have strong people, this can be an incredibly profitable business. Even if the housing market is worse, this is still a phenomenal business. You can set yourself up or join an existing real estate firm that can help you send sellers and give you an office. If you are new to this area, it would be wise to start with joining an existing company, so you can build your relationships and learn the routes. The average salary for this occupation is $ 53,100, and more agents earn $ 200,000 each year $ 1,000,000.

3rd Commercial drivers (truck drivers) The schedule may be rather rough and take a lot of time away from your friends and family, but if these things do not bother you, this work is an incredibly high payment option. The payment range is anywhere between $ 40,000 and $ 55,000.

2nd Casino Supervisor If you ever go to Las Vegas, you know that merchants are making an outrageous amount of money. If traders earn so much money, just imagine how much their supervisors are! Often, the supervisor receives some of the tips from the floor under supervision. These casino inspectors are earning an average of $ 48,920 a year, and if you're working at a big-scale casino, you can count on paying over $ 100,000 a year.

1. Accepted Survey Maker This task is not recommended as the number one job that does not require education because it is the highest payer. It is recommended because it is something that can easily be added to any other job to supplement your existing income. A few hundred dollars in his pocket for a few months a month. Best of all, this is something we can start right away, without having to deal with a job interview or review process.

Although education is very important and often instrumental in eliminating certain jobs, it is literally worthless when trying to pursue certain careers. Before you go to the time and cost of attending a college degree, make sure your career really requires a college degree. Above all, focus and motivate for any purpose and success, no matter what level of education you have.

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