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Importance of teaching teaching

Seven Sins: Unwanted Richness, Unconditional Experience, Knowledge without Science, Moral Trade, Humanity Without Science, Prayer Without Prayer, Principal Politics

-Mahatma Gandhi

Social Problems Override Your Power, Consider this story: God told me: Your job is to create a better world. I said, how can I do it? The world is so big, huge, so complicated and so small and useless. I can not do anything. But God in his great wisdom said: Just build better for you.

– Anonymous

Moral values ​​are a real perspective for the development of any society or nation. They tell us how much society or nation has developed. Values ​​are virtues, ideas, and attributes based on actions and convictions. Values ​​are guiding principles that shape our world view, attitude, and behaviors. Values ​​are, however, born or acquired. Internal values ​​come from love, peace, happiness, mercy, and compassion, such as respect, humility, tolerance, responsibility, cooperation, honesty and simplicity.

Values ​​acquired are those external values ​​that are expressed in the "place of birth" or "growth site" and "

affects the immediate environment. Examples of acquired values ​​include dressing mode, way of blessing, cultural customs, traditions, customs and trends.

The main causes of moral degeneration:

– The lack of respect for the holiness of human life. 19659002] – Distribution of parental custody of children in families

– Lack of respect for the authority by crushing the law and

Absolute disregard of the rules and regulations

– Crimes and Corruption

Alcohol and Abuse of Women and Children and Other Vulnerable Societies

– Lack of respect for other people and property

To address all these types of problems, one must recognize the main causes of these problems. Today we know that children are tomorrow's citizens. If we give the right education for today's children, the future of next generations will be ok. My opinion education is the solution to all types of problems. Now we live in the modern century. If science and technology are used properly, it is not difficult to solve all the problems of non-moral and valuable things. The main purpose of the study is to encourage moral and value-based education in schools and colleges and to recognize the attitudes of secondary students towards moral values. Gandhiji advised the Prisoners of the Sabramati Ashram to exercise the following values ​​in the daytime classroom,

today's life:

1. Ahimsa

2. Non-theft

3. Not in possession

4. Swadeshi

5. Manual Work

6. Irritability

7. Truth

8. Chastity

9. Equality of Religion

10. Removing Impotence


Life Objectives and Personal Characteristics:

Life Objectives and Personal Characteristics Are Important to All Kinds of Society

Life Goals:

– Peaceful World (Free War and Conflict)

– Freedom (19659002) – Blissfulness (Satisfaction)

– Exciting Life (Incentive, Active Life) 19659002] – Simple Life (Happy Life)

– Self-Determination ( self-esteem, feeling good)

– Rescue (religious rescue, eternal life)

– Mature love (sexual and spiritual intimacy)

– Social recognition (with respect and admiration) )

Care for their loved ones

– True Friendship (Close Company)

– The World of Beauty (b

– Inner Harmony (19659002) – Lover (affectionate, affectionate, caring)

– Ambitious (19659002) – Pleasure (enjoyable, comfortable life)

– Responsible (happy, trustworthy)

– Independent (self-sustaining, sufficient)

– Nice (intelligent, reflective, well-known)

– capable (competent, respectable)

– capable (competent, efficient, clever)

– logical (consistent, rational, aw in reality)

– pure (purely

Hogan (1973) identified by five factors: (1) Socialization: the social and parental behavioral rules as a child to you keeping her healthy to be good. (2) Moral

judgment: learning is a reasonable thinking about its own ethics and deliberately making our own decision

moral norms. (3) Moral feelings: internalizing our moral faiths so much that we feel shame and feel guilty if we do not "do". Empathy: awareness of the situation, feelings and needs of other people that one has to help the needy. (5) Trust and knowledge: aware of what steps have been taken to help others and to be responsible and able to help.

Today, we face so many problems like the problem of terrorism, poverty and the population. Moral values ​​must be embedded in the curriculum. Education is an effective weapon. Education is a weapon the effect of which depends on who holds the hand and whose purpose. (1965)

Subjective activities:

Rapid liberalization, industrialization and globalization have a rapid impact on almost all social sciences. The value and attitudes attributed to the changes are up to date, and there have been tremendous changes in education. The so-called Indian philosophical bases are decreasing in the country in the state of social turbulence day by day, the goals and functions of formal education need to be re-evaluated and updated. Education can change the world

– Identify the place of moral values ​​in the curriculum

– Moral values ​​can be explained by stories and illustrations

– The moral values ​​of poetry, novels and stories in the students

the role of a good lesson in the lesson

– students are taught through posters, advertisements and dramatizations; they are all part of it

in the curriculum

– Presenting the course on moral values ​​as part of the Development Master's Degree

– Ensuring training for students in the development of moral values ​​in society

– Educating a citizen through direct contact with the establishment of local offices through religion

– Above all, the education of women in society. The mother is the first teacher. Motivate every woman




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