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Image Freshman: How can we get home illness?

Whether you're a rookie or older, studying abroad or going to college in your hometown – it's natural that it takes time for you to adapt when you leave home. Experiencing new things and meeting different people can be exciting and stressful. Sometimes you may feel deeper in wanting to return to the people and the best known situations.

The good news is that the homesickness is lost. As you usually get used to your new environment, it will become more comfortable. You can also get the feeling of confidence and independence if you find out how to adapt. Here are some tips to facilitate the transition.

Accept that things will be different, but the different is not bad or bad. Maturing is part of learning to be flexible in different situations, so it's all part of the preparation for preparing for the fantastic future.

Get a piece at home. Pack special items that remind you of home and provide comfort such as cushion, stuffed animals, pictures, posters, music and specialty foods.

Focus on what you win. Instead of thinking about everything you miss, focus on what you are going to do. Think of the new experiences that you can share with your friends and family when you return.

Know you're not alone. Everyone in your new boat finds a friend to explore. Walk and learn the campus and the city. The more you become familiar to your new environment, the more your feelings of homecoming will fade.

Please contact us. It's never more than a call or click on friends and family. Strive to explore and learn new things about the environment, so you can share your experience with them.

Take part. Join a club, study group, or find a part-time job with other people. Knowing that the same faces will be seen and interacted in a regular schedule.

Plan a visit. Invite your friends and family to visit you and visit it as a guided tour Helps you plan your trip home but do not go home every weekend. You can gain more confidence by sticking and looking for new things.

Talk about your feelings. Home Disease is Natural. It does not mean you're weak, just to experience love and security in your home life – and that's a good thing! If you find it difficult to speak, talk to a friend, roommate, RA, or a university counselor. It is important to get to know your feelings and not to keep them from the inside. You certainly are not the first student to experience homesickness and share what others are doing, there are more ways to start setting up.

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