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How to send an e-mail to your professor

So at 12:30 PM and there's the computer trying to update the inbox of the email. The big test tomorrow, and the professor still did not answer back, but why? Contrary to the public belief that the professor wants to fail, the problem may be that his email has never reached. Therefore, this guide aims to show students how to write effective email to their professors.

From Field

Always use your university or college email address when sending an email to your teachers. This not only assures the professor that you are really a student, but avoiding your e-mail from placing spam in the box. Many universities and colleges now use a system that only allows e-mails to arrive from certain provinces, anything else (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) Automatically places you in the spam section or passes it to a professor as a spam [19659004] Example: [19659004] Field

This is the only major field to deny here, kiss your email. Avoid the name of the professor in the email (A Prof) because not all email systems can handle this format. It is always best to send the email to a professor's university or College Account as this is the email account that a professor checks or checks most. And again, before you send a double verification of the email to verify that the email address was entered correctly.


Subject field

Subject field must be in the following format: [19659004] CollegeName-CourceCode-Title-Subject

CollegeName: (America Learning College, Boston University, etc.). Yes, I know this may seem a bit unnecessary but important. Most professors (usually new professors) teach at one or more universities and colleges any term, and emails from these institutions are forwarded to a main address, usually their ISP email address. So, arrange things as best as possible to write a college or university name in the subject box

CourseCode: Course code name (MTH140, CPS124, GEF345 … etc). Better than the letters between letters and numbers and letters.

Title: Enter the topic title here. (Test 1, Semester, Exam, Assignment 5 … etc.)

Subject: Here's what worries or problems you may need (due date, margin of error, HW problem # 45, etc.). short, no more than 5 words


Boston College-MTH140 Assignment 4-HW Problem # 45

The text body field

is essentially a 2-page e-mail or fantasy font and have a color, remember that the primary priority is to convey the message so that it does not show the editing capabilities of the email. Start Professor Name (Prof C.Mcgill, Prof. U.Stan … etc Go to the subject of the email, as a reminder, repeat the course code and the address field (in the MTH140 class of Monday, task # 4), the next line should indicate the problem or concern. It is best to e-mail out you want to close with a thank you statement (Thank you, yours really … etc.) and use your name, student number, and college or university name as a signature


Prof. C. Mcgill,

During Monday's MTH140 class, the second derivative item was used in Question 4 of Question 4. However, I have concerns about how to find delta X? Especially in a time when the time is 3 seconds and delta Y 0. Does the Delta Y need to be set and resolved to Ymin?



Any Student

#: 0101010101 [19659004] Mind Mind Things

– Give the professors at least one weekday to respond before sending another email.

– Avoid sending multiple repetitive emails at a particular time.

– Try sending emails on weekdays and, preferably, using Professors during working hours.

– Try to respect and professional (that is, non-attacking language, spell checking … etc.). frustration with spamming the Professors email account

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