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How to Learn – the Principle of Learning 5

Since our birth, one of the most important mental functions we have accomplished is learning. As a kid we learn to walk and talk. When we start school, we learn the alphabet, learn how to make friends, and start writing skills. Then we continue to learn different subjects, learn a few, in many cases only perform properly, while some topics are far behind spectacularly. Why do we do brilliantly on some topics and do not get angry with others? How do we learn exactly? You can find answers to these questions by knowing the following five principles.

  1. Learning with the Principle : Have you heard that experience is the best teacher? Which basically means that the best way to learn something is to really experience or experience it. It's a good teacher or training program before you use student participation tools such as laboratory exercises, field work, hands-on training, group discussions, role play and audiovisual aids.
  2. Learning When You Are Ready for the Principle : The best time to learn when you are ready and motivate your learning. If you're not motivated enough, you probably are half-hearted. If you are motivated, find something that will teach you what to do, which can be of great help in reaching your career goals. The tutor can help students become ready to get acquainted with the importance, lesson, relevance of their concept in their lives and the benefits they can learn from.
  3. Learning What Is the Essential Principle : It is easier to get to know the content that is meaningful and relevant to us than something that is irrelevant. For example, if you learn to drive, you should learn basic maintenance work such as oil change. But learning from the whole theory that the car's engine is working can not be used.
  4. The Association of Learning Principle : It is easier to start with something we know before continuing the related but new tasks. For example, if we learn to draw, it's better to start with simple line drawings that we know and gradually build on new and more challenging drawing styles.
  5. Learning by Maintaining the Principle : Repetition helps to maintain and remind ourselves of what we have learned. Repetition reinforces our concept or skill. You should have seen the summaries, questions and diagrams in the books. That's what they do. Confirmed.

Keep in mind the above while planning any type of learning. These principles definitely increase the effectiveness of the learning product.

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