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How did the University of Stanford win?

The private research institute near California, Palo Alto, Stanford University, has become world-renowned for first class education, which is provided to approximately 6,800 university students and about 8,300 graduates every semester. Interestingly, though the higher education institution is a place where literally hundreds of thousands of students dream of a one-day visit, few know the back story, which explains how the North California School is known as Stanford University.

The University, founded in 1891, shares the former California governor of Leland Stanford, but the story does not end. A school in Stanford, California (about 13,000), was founded by Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford in the late 1990s as a monument to respect for the death of Leland Stanford Junior, a child who died at the age of fifteen.

While traveling on parental parents in Italy, Leland Jr. was suffering from typhoid disease (today commonly referred to as Salmonella), a form of food supply in which swollen bacteria reach the intestinal wall where the body can cause more injury . Although salmonella or typhoid is still predominantly at an endemic rate in most developing worlds (death rates are between 10% and 30% in untreated cases), since death in the developed world in the 20th century is extremely rare. Unfortunately for young Leland Stanford Junior, the conditions of infection did not include easy access to life-saving antibiotics, which are still common today. The end result of Leland Junior's death was about two months ago for his shy sixteenth birthday. Today, Leland Jr. is in peace at the Stanford University campus, both her mother and her father, who have been historically restored to the Stanford family mausoleum.

Along with the roles of legendary California governors such as Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger's predecessor, Leland Stanford Senior from 1885 to 1893 until his death was 69 years old, US Senator. Basically, the Leland Stanford Junior University, serving as an American Senator in California, was an event that took place seven years after the death of a young boy. The first student, who won the Stanford University in 1891, was Herbert Hoover, who in 1929 was the thirty-first president of the United States.

Although almost everyone at Stanford University repeats the short title, two of the words mentioned above are the official full name of the school at Leland Stanford Junior University. In a somewhat clever, though insensitive way, rival schools are known to refer to Stanford University jokingly as a junior dormitory like the full title and the United States junior college that prepares students for four-year universities.

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