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High School Recruitment – Useful Tips

On 1 February each year, thousands of high school football athletes decide which school to pursue their careers. Some players choose schools from the prestige of the school, the successes so far and sometimes the style of the jerseys. Car coaches around the country have promised almost all players, and in no way can they keep their promises. I would explain that high school football prospects should consider the choice of college football.

• First, you need to check if the school you choose gives you a full scholarship. Financial support is very important when considering school. The picture is not cheap, even for a lesser-known school. Many universities & # 39; tuition fees are $ 10,000 or more and not many people have thousands of dollars.
• Does this school also help athletes achieve their goal? The player must do the school, the coach and the conference in which he will play. You have to know how many percent of the team starts, the conference and the coach in the NFL, and succeed. On the other hand, how many percent of former players who did not go to the NFL are in their profession.

• The player must take into account the playing time. In high school, many players are considered to be the best in their school, and they do not know what sits on the bench. Coaches promise players to leave immediately, but as many players with the same promise have to sit down and wait for them. As a player you have to sit down with yourself and ask the question, "Will I start here?" Year after year, players pass from a school because they did not get the chance to play, but they were not really good enough to get on the field.

• The player must know what they are getting. Each player should take into account his own expectations for the school he is committed to. If a player is committed to Duke University, he / she is expected to have a conference title until the end of his / her college football career; can't expect to get a national address soon. Some players & # 39; expectations are too high to reach their school. Players must be open when they win "big" in their team. If the player's team has not won a conference title for more than 50 years, he thinks that there will be a trend there. Be realistic.

• Finally, the player must compete. On average, the college football teams add some 25 new players to their list each year. Most will be scholars, while others will fight on the spot. High school players need to know that the game has changed and should be kept or missed. Some high school students get into the wide eyes of the college and are uncertain about their decision while their peers are ready to compete. Make sure one of the players is ready for the highest level of competition.

With these tips, even players continue to make a bad decision about their football future as a team offered them. Players must take into account future scientific results, play time and schools. they are able to go to school where they end. It doesn't matter if the coach or school breaks his promises because the school and coach will be safe and the player could take advantage of it. If I were a player, I would only think of myself in every aspect of choosing to go to school and would ignore others. opinion. At the end of the day it will be on the line in the future and not theirs.

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