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Guam University

Guam University (UOG) was originally founded in 1952 as a teacher training course offering two-year programs and is known as the Guam Territorial College. In 1960, he moved to the present-day Mangilao campus. He was accredited as a four-year, graduate school in 1965.

The UOG has a total of twelve different fields in thirty-five different fields and colleges. In addition to the postgraduate programs of the master, specialists or specialists, the college and associate degrees are awarded in at most two doctoral programs.

Bachelor Degree offered by the School

* University of Guam Bachelor in Visual and Performing Arts, General: A general program of visual and performing arts that prepares individuals for any visual art media or pupils.

* Tourism and Travel Marketing Activity: This program is designed to encourage students to provide direct retail services to hotel and motel customers. This course includes hotel / motel activities, consumer sales and assistance

* Technical Teacher Training: Provides various vocational training programs at various educational levels.

* Special Education and Teaching, General: This general program that prepares students to become special education teachers emphasizes the design and teaching methods of children or adults with special learning needs.

* Sociology. It focuses on the regular study of human social institutions and social relationships. Topics include social theory, sociological research methods, social stratification and hierarchies, social organization and structure, etc.

* Teacher training in social sciences. This program provides various social science subjects and programs at the educational level.

* Secondary education and teaching. A program that teaches students to study in high school, depending on the school system or state regulation. O Business and Administration (SBPA) o Communication and Fine Arts

o Communication and Fine Art

o Communication and Fine Art

o Communication and Fine Art

o Computer and Science

o Computer (19659002) o School of Education (SOE)

o School of Nursing, Social Work and Health Sciences (SNSWHS)

It also provides a distance education program.

Enrollment: A total of 3176 student students

* Tuition Fee: The average tuition fee is $ 4,454 and $ 12,350 outside the state, excluding books, prizes and kits alone. Fees may vary; although the average cost of books is about $ 2,644. The location of the premises and restaurants on campus was $ 7,785, and the university was $ 11,521.

* Enrollment: High school graduates or GEDs. It has an open recruitment procedure. Candidates aged 18 or over may participate as special students. $ 49 a prize for students.

* Specialties: Guam University is a four-year land-based institution and the only University of Western Pacific, accredited by the Western Alliance of Schools and Colleges for $ 13.5 million. This institute entered into a participation agreement with the United States Department of Education for eligible students to obtain Pell Grants and other federal grants. It is a coeducational institution that follows the half-year system; and a 161 hectare extensive Campus with a planetarium, university theater, library, planetarium, small business development centers, and the ISLA Arts Center. Dr. Harold L. Allen is the current chairman of Guam University and his mission is to empower students to distinguish themselves in their profession and life

Route: .U. Torres Drive, Mangilao, GU 9692.

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