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Getting to college at the USA

All American universities are different. There is no centralized recruitment system in the US, and different universities have different criteria and standards to accommodate students. Typically, postgraduate studies each department has its own entrance and has its own procedures. It is therefore impossible to generalize the admission of American universities. You should always check the university
and the department to know exactly what they want. The university websites give you all the information you need to get in.

This is said to have more or less standard guidelines that most universities follow on how to apply and what they are looking for.

What kind of documents do you need to prepare for getting to the US university?
For colleges or university studies, you should usually send the following:

  • or printed from the website and sent by e-mail. Application forms generally require biographical data, academic records, and work experience.
  • An essay to get to know it better. There may be a specific issue or a general personal statement. Typically, I would like to know about your personality and anything else you can not quit using. Look at answering questions like "Why do you want to learn in the US?", "What do you plan in your life?", "What are your biggest achievements?" The essay is different from every school, and sometimes the subject seems somewhat stupid, for example, "What was the most significant event in your life?" or "Who influenced the most in your life?" but they want to know your character and your scientific status.
  • Official Subtitles – notes on your rating – from any high school or university you were attending to, only English. Official tools signed by the school or certified by a notary.
  • Letters of Professors or Teachers who are familiar with you. It is better to receive a letter from a teacher in the classroom than the director of the school who has never seen him once or twice. The letters from senior government officials will not do well if they do not know, so do not resist your dad asking your strong colleagues to write a letter to you.
  • Most universities require TOEFL or IELTS for international students who have never previously studied in English. They need an official certificate from the test management body (ETS for TOEFL).
  • Sometimes they may require SAT, another standardized test that is similar to TOEFL testing maths, language skills, and writing.
  • Finally, they may ask for a timeline or continue to look at what you've done since high school. And you have to take such seemingly stupid things as reading novels, learning guitar, and playing football with my friends. They want to see you're motivated or just watching TV and sleeping in your free time.

A Master's Degree in the University

  • A personal statement explaining what you plan to study, your career goals, what backgrounds you have in this area and why you plan to study at this campus. Do not forget to show your personality and expressly refer to this university. Reminding the school that it has a high reputation or reputation, probably not necessary. Find specific professors, research institutes or opportunities offered by the program. Harvard already knows this is one of the best schools!
  • A formal transcript across all universities, where everyone was involved.
  • Official TOEFL scores. Or IELTS scores.
  • GRE or GMAT scores. GRE is a standardized test, similar to SAT, which tests math, language skills and writing skills, and most graduate programs need candidates. If you are planning a business (MBA), accounting, financial, or administrative study, you may need to pass GMAT, which performs more advanced math tests and deals with analytical justification. If you want to obtain LLM, you probably will not need GRE or GMAT, so check the class website.
  • Professors, or even an employer's testimonials, who know you well and talk about how well they are studying at the university.

    Again, this list changes for each university and the different classes have different requirements, so always check it out.
    What gets me? The Million Dollar Question: What Is It For The Elite American University? Well, there is still no answer. Of course, good grades and high TOEFL scores will help, but the application process in the United States is generally holistic, ie, with regard to the whole application, they accept or reject only part of you. In other words, if you have a low TOEFL score, but your resume shows that you worked for a US company for two years, you can see that you have good English skills and ignore the low TOEFL score. Of course the opposite is true. If you have good quality, but the essay is very clear, you can decide to reject it.

    The process is sometimes relative, especially for college students. Your chances of getting into it will depend on the type of students you are using in the given year. If all applicants have the perfect quality, the perfect values ​​do not matter much. It is therefore difficult to enter Harvard – the competition is very high! And again, every university and every class has its own norms, its own idea for the perfect student.

    Harvard tells his site that the Harvard student is not set. Some students get in because they are very good about one thing. Some people get in because they are good in many different things. Some people get in because they are very unique. The big difference between US universities and many foreign universities is that American universities gain not only academic quality, but also music, theater and public services, and can even help your sister to impress a US university in a traditional wedding. So if you're playing an instrument if a national champion is a volleyball player, if both are in the theater and selling a small newspaper, it will help to get the best quality.

    For master students, work experience is often extremely important, and personal statement gets a lot of weight. So make sure you have a clear plan for why you want to learn and help in realizing it. You do not have to plan your whole life, but you have something to do.

    Hopefully this article will make it a bit easier to breathe, since you know it is facing you. Now fill out the applications and write the essay! Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

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