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Georgetown Tunnels

Georgetown University is located in a series of underground tunnels, located in the school buildings and downtown Washington. There are many theories about why these tunnels are built.

Some people insist that tunnels are used only as a heat pipe for newer buildings and older buildings at the university. This is because the school was founded in 1789 and found some very old buildings.

There are also some that suggest that the tunnels were part of an underground railroad. During the Civil War, Georgetown was used as a hospice to host both Northern and Southern soldiers. In fact, the colors of Georgetown, blue and gray, both union and confederal pages. It would be very helpful if the southern subway lines were at least in Washington, the capital of the Union and in a place where slavery was illegal.

A third, more popular theory is based on Georgetown as a reserve congress (where the congress will hold meetings if anything happens in the capital). If the capital of the country is attacked, many members of the executive and legislative sector will be transported to the tunnel as an escape route from the attack. Thus, the most important politicians in the world, including the president himself, would have traveled through the tunnels through the university campus. The tunnels in this theory were escape routes and bunkers for politicians and important Jesuits, as well as the meeting place for extremely important secret meetings.

Although the multitude of tunnels are now said to not lead to downtown Washington, the Georgetown student body has long been fascinated by the importance of tunnels and where they can lead. Adventurous students are looking for the school in search of the tunnel entrance, hoping to cross it to see where they can drive. There are many entrances in the tunnels, but the most popular ones come from Healy Hall.

On the side of the building there are doors that are always open and lead directly to the labyrinth of tunnels. When you enter, you will see many secret social-style drawings on the wall. The Healy tunnels seem to end up in a pan and contain a heat conduit along the way, which verifies the heat pipe theory. Although the other tunnel entrances are far farther away in the city, the farthest thing I've heard is that a traveler is 3 blocks from the university's main gate.

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