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Future trends in education in America

Some futurists predict that our youth will not be prepared for science and mathematics to successfully compete in the global economy by 2010 without drastically changing education.

This is just one of the reasons that today's schools implement educational coaches in the classroom, one of the fastest growing trends in education. The reason for this is that schools are faced with increasing accountability than ever before, and many schools are looking for new ways to support the professional development of teachers in order to strengthen teaching education and improve student learning.

The districts use coaches to help implement the reform and focus on critical areas such as mathematics, science, and reading. These new methods support the widespread implementation of best practices in classrooms.

Other trends in education began at the root level in places such as Sunset Park, New York. In this community alone, more than 15,000 children leave the school each year.

Joyce Mattera is one of the founders of City of the City, a charity founded in 1981 to help children. Volunteers and children visited weekly to assess their needs and invite them to various community programs, helping them through academic support, life-skills training and family counseling. Board members helped the organization raise money for more than 800 children for Christmas gifts last year.

Creating success is a program that is used by City of the City, which is constantly being evaluated for needs and even better success. It quickly becomes a model purchased by other agencies.

Great emphasis is placed on student academic success through intensive teaching and daily personal homework. They also advise students and support them on social systems such as courts and age-appropriate group and individual mentoring.

Trends will shape the future of teachers and students worldwide. The future of America's educational system, such as the futurist James Canton, says "the quality of public education, in today's crisis, is driving or collapsing the future aspirations of American work." It is also assumed that education cannot prepare for high-tech workers.

In addition, the Spanish population is rising in this country. Many of the children in Brooklyn, New York, come from Spanish families who cannot afford help when their children are not doing well at school.

Thanks to the Internet, there is hope for the future of our education system. By 2040, the Internet should be accessible to the people of all nations. At this point, futurists, like Canton, predict immediate, portable, transferable, on-demand knowledge sources on a scale comparable to the Library of Congress. Eight of the top ten trends in the new innovation economy.

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