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Free Massage Education

Many people wonder how they can get reliable and effective massage education. Some people want to massage their partners or just massage their friends. Others want to massage your husband or wife. Others still want to use massage therapies or to know more about massage and massage therapies in massage therapy! How can I learn how to massage the cheap method?

Well, like our massage therapies, we must have a two-year 24-hour course every two years to maintain a massage license. These classes can be selected in any mode, deep tissue, myofascial trigger point release, reflexology, ayurveda massage, Thai massage, tuina, amma, california massage, esalen massage, medical massage, craniosacral. Some courses are handy and really do the most, and you learn the most while you can practice the new skills you are learning on real people. But I also found that many LMTs (licensed massage therapists) organize videos to practice at home, then conduct online tests where questions will be asked, and there is a need for a number of correct answers in whatever method!

Videos usually go with books that are approximately 30 pages long and end up with tests to test their learning, and when you're ready to practice a live person, friend, or family, you can be on-line to your website , and passes to the real test where you need to give at least 60 percent of the correct answer. If you do not succeed, you can re-pay and pay a repurchase fee, some of which are very expensive at $ 300-400 when ordering videos and texts. Florida state requires 24 hours CEU every two years

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