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First, do you belong to a community college?

Community colleges have the advantages and disadvantages of traditional 4-year universities. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing which option is best for you.


Admission Requirements

A major difference between community colleges and four-year schools is admission requirements. Community colleges are typically open access, which means that anyone can participate. It is very advantageous if the grades of secondary school transcripts are not similar to 4-year-old universities. The community college can also be a step for a 4-year-old university. After you know what the transfer requirements (how many hours of lessons you need, GPA transfers, etc.), then you can hire yourself for a way to get to your chosen 4 year old school.

Tuition Fees and Fees

The second advantage of community promotion is cheaper education. It takes the same amount of hours, and Community colleges are at least 50% cheaper than four-year schools. If money is high on the university, then the community's college path can be taken seriously. (Note: Tuition fees will be cheaper than district community colleges than district or non-state community colleges). In addition to the four-year school tuition and fees, the cost of the room and the deck is also considered if you decide to reside at the university.

Class Costs

As many students work during the day, community colleges often offer flexible timetables, which include early morning hours, evening classes and weekend classes. This is advantageous if you are working full time.


If you have a recent high school diploma, community colleges can be useful because there are fewer confusing factors. As community dormitories generally do not offer in university homes, there is less opportunity for partying and other activities that often take away and result in lower grades during the first year.


Community colleges are also beneficial because they help you decide if a college is actually much cheaper than a 4-year-old school. If you are not sure that the college is the right decision, you can attend some classes at a community college so you can feel it. How much is learning? Are you willing to commit to successful learning? Two to three hours of class per hour per credit, which can take up to 6 to 9 hours of external study time for a standard 3-hour course. Are they able to sit in the classes for a long time? Etc


Social Activity

If you are a very social person and want to participate in multiple school activities, a 4 year old school may be better for you. While community colleges often do different academic activities, programs and holidays, they often do not have formal sports teams or so many programs like a 4 year old school.

Quality of Education

Another factor to consider is the quality of education you receive in a community dormitory. Some community colleges have a very high standard of education, others are of lower quality, while some are in the middle. 4-year schools are typically of a higher standard than community colleges. One way to find out the quality of a community dormitory is to ask people who have held courses at school. They felt that the quality of education was good or bad? If this person moved to a 4-year-old school, do you feel that the education you received during your participation in a community college duly prepared them for the surrender? Another way is to seek advice at the 4 year old school you want to send. What do you think of the community dormitory? This is a great way if the transferring university is in the same or in an adjacent city. Sometimes they can give feedback on school quality. They can even suggest alternatives. If you have recently graduated, you should ask your high school advisor and see if they can provide information or recommendations.

Ask yourself

  • Do I meet the 4 year school entrance requirements?
  • Could I afford tuition fees and fees, perhaps a room and a deck at a 4-year-old school?
  • Are I Really Caused of Disturbing Factors That May Lower Degrees?
  • College, what do I really want to do?
  • Thinking about my personality, would it be good without a school school without many social activities?
  • Will I get the level of education in a community hostel that is similar to her four-year-old university? Would you be prepared to move to a four-year school?

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